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A nice morning jog in the prince’s garden with the birds singing, the frogs leaping and the bluebells blooming. Tosh was my pace setter for today and he did a fine job, bouncing along the grass occasionally glancing back to check I hadn’t keeled over.
After breakfast we said cheerio to Prince Joachim pad and set off to explore South Jutland. As soon as we wandered out of Mongeltonder we hit the moors and farmlands. The southernmost part of the Jutland peninsula, it is very flat and dotted with heather covered moors, farmlands and tiny streams. This landscape is ideal for birds lovers and everywhere you look you can see the little tweety feathered friends dashing here and there.
On route, we spotted a picnic area with a motorhome symbol, so we pulled over. The picnic area was lovely and clean with toilet facilities and water. Around the back of the toilet block a dedicated motorhome facility for black and grey waste along with fresh water tap. Worth noting if you are ever in the area! Well I say nice and clean until some dirty person pulled up, made a desperate dash for the loo and then left it in a horrid state.  We did the kind thing and chucked a few buckets of water to rinse their mess away. Some folk!
Our first stop today was at the lovely Logum abbey. The abbey was might impressive and founded in 1170 as a daughter house of Herravad Abbey in Scania. The abbey was closed in 1542 after the protestant reformation but then reopened in 1739 as the parish church. After careful restoration the abbey is now classed as one of the best preserved Cistercian brick buildings in the Baltic and North Sea region. A quick walk around the outside, we entered the restored eastern monastic wing and with not a single person in sight we were able to wander around the church, the chapter room and the dormitory at leisure. At the back of the church, I loved the little chairs and tables with ready made satchels of paper and crayons for the younger members of the congregation. Upstairs, a music room with piano and a collection of CD’s.

As we strolled around the village we started to notice the house styles and interiors. As in mogeltonger and Tonger, the Danes seem to love a lamp in the window and they have lots of windows! . Decor is simple if not slightly old fashioned rather than modern. Flower and plant pots are mandatory inside and out. The village was a network of pedestrian streets with the odd shop in and around the village green. As its a bank holiday weekend there was an open air market with locals selling flowers, fruit, vegetables, cheese, fish plus a few bric-o-brac stalls.

We jumped back in to Vin, brrrrr that wind is freezing cold, get the heater on! We bumbled along the moorlands admiring the landscape before turning on to the 10 kilometre causeway to the island of Romo. Either side of the causeway, panoramic marshland filled with wading seabirds and lambs sheltering behind mum from the cold northerly winds. As we arrived on the island we noticed a petrol station…the price of diesel just under £1 not bad especially for a small island with probably inflated prices. We turned left at the lights and after a mile a quick right on to Oasen Romo Autocamperplads. First impressions…wow. A small lake surrounded with gravel camper spots and lovely mowed lawns. Oh this looks nice, lets have a look.

The camperplad is owned by Hannah and Carl, a Danish couple and what a great site. The lake side spots hold 30 campers and are very clean, spacious and well looked after. On site you have access to showers, washing machines, toilets, a bar and a lovely warm TV hut/lounge. Surrounded by fields of horses, it certainly is a beautiful location. At €15 per night in high or low season, its excellent value.

We picked our patch and sandwiched ourselves in between two German campers. With a lovely view of the lake to our front and horses to our rear. We settled in and guess what…the sun came out, yeah! Mac n Tosh played all day on their new patch whilst we pottered in and around Vin. We did all our washing and cleaning but in a chilled state, so it didn’t feel a chore. By early evening we were squeaky clean and ready for a BBQ. We munched on chicken, corn on the cob and plenty other goodies including a bottle of fine Lidl wine whilst chatting to our German neighbours, Hans and Greta. Hans spoke brilliant English and such a lovely chap. Helpful and informative with all the details on the ferry to Sylt.

Oh, I forgot to mention. You can pay in Euro’s or Danish Krone. We paid in Euros just because we haven’t yet seen a bank to draw any Krone! A good one to note too, the Caxton card allows you to now purchase and hold multiple currencies on one card, so we have some Danish Krone, Norwegian Krone as well as Euro in one joint account. Makes travelling much easier! Thanks caxton.

Our sleep spot tonight – A idyllic autocamperplads situated on Romo.

GPS position N055.094237 E.008.540818

Route: Mogeltonder to Romo

Weather: high 8 Low 3, overcast and drizzle to start the day but by mid afternoon beautiful blue sky albeit rather chilly.

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