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Our Australian neighbours told us about Gorges de Daluis, so just after breakfast we zoomed over to take a look. Daluis is a small village perched above the Var valley, with a few isolated houses hanging to the slope. In the middle a recently built church with a square bell-tower. The panoramic view of the valley and the river Var, which can be heard roaring far below (click to enlarge)

The gorge walls are immense, scoured out of red schist rock with a great overhangs. The road follows the contours as it snakes through the gorge. As you head south you pass through a series of roughly cut tunnels. But head north and you go around the tunnels as you drive along the single track road. The views and landscape are very eye catching.

Gorges de Daluis

After our jaunt to the gorge we securely park Eor in the garage. Craig does a fine job of bracing the motorbike firmly, so it stays secure in transit.  All packed up we say cheerio to everyone and set off. We head up the pass, the unforgettably named Col du Valberg, 5,485 feet above sea level. To the rear the the alps slowly disappear, our home for the last few weeks. I feel sad to leave and in some ways I feel quite down. A bit like when you are going home, sad the great journey has come to an end. A feeling I always get when I really love somewhere!

The Cian gorge appears to split the earth in two.  We follow the vertical curving walls and rock of the gorge down the valley. The road is good quality but there are some rather tight bends and passing points. Unfortunately not many places to pull over and take a photo, so no good snap shots, sigh.  Heading all the time towards the blue sea and palm trees of the infamous cote d’azur. Our final mountain pass of the grand trail, La Bonnette and in true French Alps keeping it did not let us down. It was awesome!  Off the pass and full steam ahead. We keep on winding and winding until we arrive at Saint Laurent du Var. 

Our first stop a Lidl. If you’ve not already guessed it, we like Jay & Ju love our Lidl. No matter where you go in Europe (apart from Scandinavia) you find a Lidl, so you get good value and consistency as you travel. A good tip too…go to Lidl and download all their stores on to your sat nav or gps data team. Anyway, where were I before I got side swiped. Ah thats right, Lidl car park.   It was full and so we have no option to park on the side road. Its a tad busy with passing traffic heading to the Mac Donald’s drive through just behind us. We make our shopping trip short and snappy, so we can head over to the aire. Its not long off lunchtime and the midday sun, so we are keen to be parked up ASAP.

Last time we were in Nice, I flew home for some appointments whilst Craig stayed with the motorhome. He drove around Nice but never actually visited it, so this time we thought, why not. Lets have a look at what us Brits find so appealing.

We arrive and the aire is full. We pull to the side and look for options. Thankfully, a French van doesn’t mind doubling up, so we pull in front of him and blocking them in. Good job the aire doesn’t have any stunning views lol. 

Our Bumble free aire at Saint Laurent du Var GPS position: N043.685437, E007.185204

The sun is fierce and after the fresh mountain air it feels rather clammy. Its not long and we are taking our second shower of the day. All fresh and relaxed we spend the rest of the day chatting to our new neighbours. Here is a sneak preview of what lies ahead…beach time!

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8 thoughts on “Route des Grandes Alpes: The Final Leg

  • Fred Chase

    thoroughly enjoyed your “Bumblings” through the mountains. Just have to convince the memsahib that we will not actually fall off the side of the road!

  • Robert Ellis

    Great photos of the water fall & scenery,& get some decent shoes on when you’re on that bike ( this is a telling of from Pops) As you say you get used to a place & then it’s time to move on again,but just think the next place maybe nicer if not ,glad you saw it ,that’s what traveling all about ,Just think it’s far better than Leigh The diggers & bulldozers are ripping Leigh apart at present,they are breaking good flags up in Bradshawgate ,people have asked could they have some,the answer NO. Well bye bye again ,keep on enjoying Loads of Luv Pops xxx Mac n Tosh woof woof xxx Enjoy xxx

  • Tracey Bennett

    I have really enjoyed reading your trip through the alps. I am travelling alone do you think the area is safe?

  • belvoirangel

    Will you use the little bike to go to Nice? When we were there last October we noticed a lot of roads with <3.6 tonnes limits – we are 3.85 now we have Ruby.
    Ann (belvoirangel)