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A restless night by all. We are in the middle of woodpecker land and the little buggers were hammering away on the hour, every hour, all night long. Mac n Tosh thought someone was knocking at the door. Yap yap every time the pecker pecked. The noisy little head bangers don’t sing, so tapping, pecking and drumming trees is their way of communicating…and yes, we heard them loud and clear!

Petit Saint Bernard Pass

It is hot and clear during our four hour drive southeast to Bourg St Maurice, where we stay the night. Our slow pace is in keeping with the countryside and its twisting roads. Up, down, up, down, its like a roller coaster for the big boys. Our journey is an equal mixture of driving and stopping to admire the views.

Petit Saint Bernard Pass

Come on Vin lets give them a run for their money

Cow bells chime and car horns honk as we wind up Petit Saint Bernard Pass. Today, is some sort of classic sports car rally and the pass is dotted with a vintage theme. Classic BMW’s and roadsters zoom around endless curves that follow the ancient Roman route to a 4,500 feet vantage point at the peak. Feels like we are back on the Grossglockner!  Here the classic’s gather around their wicker picnic baskets for a baguette n fromage to the sound of a finely tuned engine.

We head over the pass and stop for a cool drink and a butty on a peaceful and idyllic picnic spot. That’s one thing this route has…lots of wonderful places to pullover or stop. Cyclist pass us by as they continue to cycle up the mountain path. Men and women made of tough stuff. How they cycle up these mountain inclines and passes is beyond me. I break out in a sweat just watching them.

Petit Saint Bernard Pass

Looking back along the pass to the lake Roselend where we slept last night

A trickling stream splashes over the rocks…tranquil and soothing. We were lost in the world of mountain streams until a bloody toad jumps on to the path and startles us. Even Mac n Tosh whimper. With full bellies and rehydrated we clamber back in Vin. As we set off and Craig swerves. We all shoot to the right and the dudes slide across Vin. “What are you doing?”. Craig grins and replies “Missing the toad”. We look down and the little skin of warts hops merrily on its way.

Bourg St Maurice

That afternoon, we head for Bourg Saint Maurice, a town with a blend of industrial and residential buildings. A town were the train connections go straight to London Waterloo! We park at the funicular station, its shut for the season, so quiet and plenty space. Located right at the side of Isere river and in the shadow of Tarentaise mountains, it has a nice feel about the place.

Bourg St Maurice

We do a spot of washing before we cycle in to the town. Alongside the large chain sports shops and ski centres there is a small high street with cafes, boutique shops and souvenir booths. It doesn’t take long to window shop, so we head back and play ball with the dudes. Mac takes a general interest in between chasing swifts as they fly overhead in pursuit of flying insects. Tosh on the other hand is fixated on his ball, its his world. And Craig…well he discover a problem. He likes problems (sort of) as it gives him something to solve. This time the back wall panel. It was hanging off due to a split in the wood.

An early night as tomorrow we’re heading up to the highest pass.

Our Bumble wild camping at Bourg Saint Maurice GPS position: N045.614214, E006.774571

Bourg St Maurice

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4 thoughts on “Route des Grandes Alpes: Petit Saint Bernard Pass

  • ali

    Hi guys you are making wish we were back travelling again can’t believe we have only been back a week. Anyway if you are heading Italy way a good stop for a rest if you don’t already know about it is Cuneo. The aire with Electricity is free for 72 hours and is delightful as well as the town and the funicular that takes you up there. save the pooches little legs plus the town means wedge shaped and does great chocolate ! If you want can send you details by separate email.

  • Robert Ellis

    Hi all ,couldn’t get rid of the Christmas Markets ,but as you see I’m on track again ,I’d Start reading it then whoosh it had gone again ,The reason also I’ve been to two funerals,so I’ve been washing my white shirt I keep for these occasions,Got to do it all again next Monday,the old chap Bill who I used to do meals for passed away ,massive stroke,All doom & gloom any way that place you are in with your bike looks very nice ,Craig would be in his glory joining all those sports cars ,The weather as been scorching but it’s coming to an end ,I can hear a rumble of thunder in the distance,so we’re due for a storm ,That new Aldi as opened here,it’s massive ,By the way today it was Bob Charles wife Hilda ,whose funeral I went to today ,I’m sure you knew Her ,Keep on enjoying,Lots of Luv to you ,Craig ,Mac n Tosh xxxxxx Pops xxx

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Oh dear sounds like a bad time. You will miss Bill your buddy but I am sure he will be looking down on you with a smile. You were there for him when others weren’t x x x