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The midnight sun

The midnight sun

We had several hours before we boarded the ferry for our midnight sailing to Lofoten Islands. We had full intensions of putting our feet up and enjoying the view until Craig ventured in to the terminal building and discovered oodles of free hot water. That was it, washing on. Followed by a thorough scrub of Vin both inside and out. Well, might as well make most of our time. Sorry in advance…lots of photo’s but remember to click on the image and it will increase in size.

Ferry Bodo to Moskenes

Ferry Bodo to Moskenes

Our ticket cost 910NOK, which is half the price of booking on line. Quite a saving and well worth the gamble especially at this time of year when the ferry crossing is relatively quiet. We boarded the ferry, parked up, snuggled Mac n Tosh into their bedtime blanket and went on deck. We set sail and as we navigated out of the port through lots of little islands the midnight sun was absolutely brilliant. Just sitting above the horizon, a huge orange orb casting a warm amber glow across the horizon. As we looked back the snow capped mountain range looked so majestic with an array of pink, orange and blue light. For the last 3 days, we have drove 1,000 kilometres through horrid conditions and mind numbing boring landscape but the prize at end was certainly worth it. It was magical, a moment filled with excitement and a true appreciation of how beautiful this country real is.

We walked back and forth between the rear sundeck and to the front viewing platform. The views were completely different but equally captivating. To the rear the snow capped mountains, the mystic glacier and rugged coastline. The the front, the midnight sun, the distant islands and the fierce atlantic breeze. No matter where we went, we found ourselves leaning on the railing and being hypnotised once again by the view.

Three hours in to the crossing and the Lofoten islands started to emerge. Huge rocks towering out the sea with a band of cloud sitting on the peaks. They were beautiful and nothing like we had imaged. More dramatic, unspoilt and very pretty. It felt like we were stepping on to the set of Jurassic Park, very prehistoric.

The are moments in your life that you will treasure for ever and this journey is one of them.

Our wild camping spot, A

Our wild camping spot, A

It was nearly 4am and still bright as day as we approached Moskenes. The tiny harbour with half a dozen wooden houses was quiet and sleepy. We took our last photo, smiled and quickly trotted back to Vin. Mac n Tosh were fast asleep but within seconds of our arrival they were wagging their tails and welcoming us back home. Soon we were rolling off the ferry and heading a few kilometres around the headland. What a better place to start our adventures at the village of A!

We parked up, went for a walk, had a bit to eat and then finally went to bed at 6am. Cheerio for today, will see you tomorrow when we start to explore these magnificent little islands.

Our wild camping spot today is in a village called A on the Lofoten islands.

GPS position N067.879824 and E012.977479

Route: Bodo to A

Weather: Low 12 and high 16.. Brilliant sunny morning until lunchtime when the wet stuff returned but it didn’t matter, we slept.

Our view...can you guess what they are?

Our view…can you guess what they are?


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