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Our sleepy spot view...perfect

Our sleepy spot view…perfect

Last night was absolutely brilliant. After dinner, we closed all the blinds with the exception of the windscreen. The lakeside at sunset, lined with trees and bushes, was perfect backdrop for a sharing a glass of wine and putting the world to right. We sat in the darkness for most of the night just watching the lights shimmering on the surface and listening to a selection of our favourite songs. Mac n Tosh even joined in and provided plenty chuckles with a doggy dance off. Tosh did some funky break dancing moves whilst Mac opted for a slow smooch.

The Schloss

The Schloss

First job of the day, check the battery and then swap it out for the second one! The weather was still rather miserable but at least it was raining, so we took a stroll to Plon Schloss. A rather large white palace set in an elevated position looking over the lake and small village. The well trimmed gardens and summer house provided a great place to stretch our legs before wandering down the village.

The cobbled shopping street provided a mixture of Euroland, cafes, boutique shops and tourist tat shops. Only small but a lovely stroll to the church and town hall. We managed to pick up two quick release collars for Mac n Tosh as well as 3 thermal screen blankets.

After lunch we filled Vin up with water and gave him a quick wash down with some pears shampoo before setting off the coast. We zipped through the run down port city of Kiel and scooted over to a little village just outside Schleswig. Right on the beach, so we put on the wellies and rain coats and took the boys for a mad hour on the beach. Dipping our welly tread and tiny paws in to the Baltic Sea…woohoo. Mac did his usual and got all excited and ran around like a giddy kipper, whilst Tosh found the smelliest dead object to roll around in.

Mac laughing his socks off on the beach

Mac laughing his socks off on the beach

The beach and surrounding countryside appeared to be part of a private estate. We weren’t too sure about parking overnight, so we bumbled a little further around the coast to the town of Damp. We arrived and sure enough it was raining! With dinner time looming we pulled over at the first parking spot and called it quits for the day.

Our sleep spot tonight, a convenient park and ride in the coastal town of Damp. Nothing like a bit of concrete and the odd weed to keep our luxurious lifestyle real!

GPS position N054.578200 E010.017070

Route: Plon to Damp

Weather: high 11 Low 4, overcast followed by lots of rain and more…rain!

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3 thoughts on “Schloss and Seaweed

  • Pauline

    I have just read your whole trip from 2014 to today it’s fantastic , we are in the early planning stage of the same we hope couple of years to go yet , we are just looking at different motor homes to make sure the layout is right for us …. Your tips and statistics are fab and is helping us out no end … Keep bumbling and I will keep reading …… Pauline

    • Bumble Crew

      Thank you so much for your comments Pauline and so glad you have found it useful. One thing we did when looking for our motorhome – we visited the annual motorhome show at NEC. Every motorhome under one roof…we had a ball and it helped us no end in deciding our layout. Jo

      • Pauline

        Thanks Jo yes we went to nec last October and then to Peterborough last weekend we had a lovely day and came home with lots of info it’s amazing what you think you want and then when you see it you think it’s not for us .. We are gonna go round some dealers next to see how some look after a year or 2 … We have give ourselves plenty of time to make sure we get it right … I am loving all your handy tips and I think the way you do your washing is perfect . Pauline