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Wall painting in the middle of the aire

Wall painting in the middle of the aire

The sun has got it hat on..hip hip hip hurray!  There is nothing quite like the feeling of waking up to sun rays streaming through the windows and especially when its your birthday.  Craig is celebrating his 46th birthday today, so time to go and have some fun.

After breakfast, we donned on wellies and headed to the beach.  First taking a toot along the pier and watching all the ferries arrive from England.  As we reached the end of the pier we could just see the white cliffs of Dover. A quick wave to everyone before we turned around and wellied on down the board walk and over to the beach.

We let Mac n Tosh off their lead and they were off. Party time of the beach! They were running around like crazy and enjoying every second. Today, we had a squeaky tennis ball and we had them darting back and forth.  Then as we reached the sea, Craig chucked the ball right in to the waves. No questiions asked Mac n Tosh took the plug and went for their first skinny dip.  Yo bro, this is cool stuff. They splished and splashes around like no tomorrow.  They had a whale of a time.  After an hour or so it was time to call it quits and take the two soggy dogs back to the motorhome but not before they had one final roll in the sand.

We arrived back gave them a rub down and then left them in the sun to dry out. Once dry they snuggled up on their bed and slipped off to sleep. With two knackered pooches, time to hit the road. We got out our new little monkey bike or should I say Honda MSX125 and went for a ride. We headed south along the coastal road for about 10 mile. What a lovley stretch of coastline – quiet and clean. With the odd sand dune and coastal home it was a pleasant drive. Then on the way back, we zipped back in to Calais town, not for a toot but for a birthday cake. I got us an apple tart and a raspeberry flan, oh and a fresh baguette. We looked a right pair riding back through the town with 2 cake boxes and a 2 foot long bread stick in my mits.

Cheers everyone!

Cheers everyone!

Within minutes of getting back the thunder started to roar and the heavens opened. We batten down the hatches and snuggled in before commencing the International Birthday Feast…

  • Slightly spicy Spanish sausage
  • A selection of German and Italian hams
  • Mature Irish cheese
  • Fresh French bread
  • A Fruity Italian olive oil
  • An Austrailian wineWith a side order of english sausage rolls!  A little bit of all Craigs favorite nibbles.

A totally relaxing and wonderful day…now we are chilled and ready to Bumble.


Craig prepared Vin for the cold weather!

Tonights sleep spot…same as last night. aire €8 per night including water.

GPS coordinates 50.966736N 1.844989E.

Route: stayed in Calais

Temperature – High 21, Low 9




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12 thoughts on “Skinny Dipping Beach Party

  • RV Neal

    Sounds great guys. I usually find other people’s tales of their trips slightly annoying as I read them whilst having to go to work (after 3 years of freedom from this!), but you guys do it in style! I really envy you but we’re in a self-made “pickle”. We have an RV that is fabulous to live in, providing everything that we want and need, and it looks pretty big compared to anything European. But, put us next to the real “Big Boys”, the 13 metre plus RVs, and we look small. Consequently Aires can be a gamble; will we fit in or not, and even a lot of European sites can be a challenge unless I have prior knowledge of what the layout is. This can restrict us on where we go and can take the spontaneity out of travelling. So, I get my kicks, not from Route 66, but from reading about your adventures and dreaming of undertaking something similar one day. Keep up the good work and safe travels.

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Aww thank you so much Neal, really appreciate your comments. We had issues with our first motorhome albeit slightly different to yours but I understand the frustration. You’ve had a taste of the good life, so I am sure you will soon be back enjoying. Thanks and keep in touch x

  • Paul Jackson

    Happy Birthday Craig. Our campervan – El Nido – is one year old today! He’s enjoying it at the National Motorhome Show in Peterborough with 3000 other motorhomes of various shape, size and eccentric design. True to form it’s been raining for two days – bright sunshine due tomorrow for our drive home!

    Have fun – where are you off to next?


  • Sandra

    Little tip for you
    We use to have a white German Shepard and we always used a wash leather on him after he’d been out as it dries them and cleans them in one go………dries quicker than a towel once washed out 😀

    • Ali Castle

      Another one from a friend who travelled with their Springer is to make a toiling bag with zip in it from microfibre towels. pop dog in it and zip up with head outwards ! Dry down dog take dog out then take bag outside to shake out and aire xx