The Sound Of Music

Flowers in Hellbrunn Palace.

Flowers in Hellbrunn Palace.

Thursday 7 August: Salzburg

Julie Andrews Eat Your Heart Out!

Jo & Craig dance in the rain

No visit to Salzburg would be complete with out a visit to the one and only Sound of Music main spots. Our fabulous friend Janette would be so giddy if she was here right now, I can just her face, all smiles and none stop jabbering with excitement. We did some of the bits yesterday but I wanted a full day just visiting the main sites even though Craig hates the film. With a few extra kisses and cuddles I managed to persuade him to come on a singing day. Well I would sing to him and he would raise his eyebrows or when I hit a bum note he would do a runner and pretend not to be with me. As a gifted singer, I had a wonderful day signing all the songs and bumbling along on my bike, laughing my head off at Craig peddling fast to get away from me. We did our own tour and had a fab time (even though it rained for most of the day)!

In 1964, Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer starred in the one of the worlds greatest musicals. The oscar winning performance has left a lasting impression on many people and visiting Salzburg ignites all wannabe Julie’s form around the world.

To get the best of this, open a soundtrack to Sound of Music and have it play in the background. No grunting all you fellas out there!

Von Trapp Home

Von Trap home.

Von Trap home.

Right near our campsite is the original Von Trapp Home. It isn’t open to the public and not on any of the itineraries, so the village doesn’t get bombarded with tourists. So as an extra we got to see the home and we can imagine how great it would have been in its day. Certainly had a fantastic setting with great views over the countryside.

Leopold Palace

We arrived at the Palace  (now a top end hotel) and as you would expect it was closed to the public. Big wrought iron gates and security cameras preventing any non millionaires from getting in…or so they thought! A very nice looking car pulled up and the gates opened, we seized the opportunity and like two soaking wet drop outs, we quickly cycled in to the grounds. As we approached the edge looked at all the coach tour guys on the other side of the lake looking over at the grounds. We could help but feel a little smug. Not a soul in sight we wandered around having a good look at the place and taking pictures.

The palace was built in 1736 and sits on a little lake with the fortress in the background. In the film, the palace served as one of the locations for the Von Trapp family home. All of the lake terrace scenes including the children falling in to the water where filmed here. After we’d taken all our photo’s we cycled to the other side of the lake and had a picnic with the ducks..seemed quite apt given it was pissing down.

The weather brightened up for the Miracle Gardens and good job cause it was pretty busy with both tourists and workers having lunch. The gardens date back to the 1730 and are beautifully kept with the fortress in the background. This is where most of the “Do Re Mi” sing was filmed. The Pegasus fountain is where the Von Trapp kids danced around singing the song..and so did I “lalalala” much to Craig’s dismay. The terrace steps (behind Craig’s head, he is interested!) were used as the hopping musical scale by Maria & the kids.

Winker Terrace

Jeez this was a hard climb. I took several breaks and Craig got fed up with waiting, so he kindly pushed my bike up the hill for me. It is basically the hill you see in all the Salzburg photo’s with the fortress on top. The hill is called Monchsberg Hill and it over looks the west side of the city. The steep cliff edge or winker terrace provide the best views of Salzburg. The terrace is surrounded by the 1487 Burgerwehr wall, built to protect Salzburg. Above the terrace is the Schloss posh hotels. We didn’t bother trying to get inhere or should I say, I was too knackered to walk up to the top to see anhotel. The song “Do Re Mi” began here.. I didn’t bother singing itcause I was too busy trying to breath after that mammoth climb.

Winker Terrace.

Winker Terrace.

Horse Bath

We cycled down the hill which was handwork with all the cobbles. My boobs were damn sore after all that jiggling around. Anyway, at the bottom of the hill are the horse baths. It is a public fountain, which once served as a horse bath…sort of like our car washes today. I only took a photo of half the bath because the other half is being repaired..ahhh. around here singing “my favourite things”

Festival Hall Complex

This is where the Von Trapps sang “so long, farewell” before escaping the Nazis. Toscaninihof Square is where the captain sang “Edelweiss”.

St Peters Church & Cemetery

A lovely church right in the middle of everything. This is where the Von Trapps hid from the Nazis. The little church inside the cemetery is now a gallery but still nice. You can also see the catacombs from here.

Residendz Square & Fountain

This is where they sang “I have confidence in me”. maria enters through Domplatz arches and splashes in the huge fountain.

Mozart Bridge

This is where maria and the children sang “do Re Mi” whilst skipping across the bridge…Dumb me, I took pictures from the bridge but not of the bridge.

Hellbrunn Palace

This is one of the most famous and romantic scenes were Liesi sings “16 going on 17”. It was one hell of a cycle to get here and the last stop of the day.

And finally to end the day…a beautiful sunset behind the palace. Janette, if you’ve any doubts about coming, don’t, it is wonderful. Get your hubby to bring you for your birthday!

Today is our last day in Austria, sob sob as tomorrow we head off to Germany.

So far we’ve travelled 8,188 kilometres and current costing around £35 per day all in (and that includes repair bills and hospital fees).

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