Storage ideas!

Tupperware, well the modern equivalent anyway, it keeps everything fresh, saves weight, doesn’t rattle like glass jars, it is stackable and unbreakable.  We have so much we could have a Tupperware party, yeah

Dinner Service – Storing dinner plates and preventing them from sliding everywhere can be a nightmare. We use the Ikea wardrobe drawer dividers. You know the white plastic things you put your socks and stuff in. Well they work a treat for both plates and bowls. Easy to stack (upright) and if they rattle a little just pop in a kitchen roll or sponge.

Kitchen utensils, foil and clingfilm are all essential items but they can be untidy. Keep them tidy and stacked in a way to optimise space. A length of brown plastic downspout from any DIY store. Cut to desired length, stick together and pop in drawer to hold utensils. Takes up minimum space and keeps everything tidy.

Garage Pockets – I have fitted some pockets to the rear wall and doors of the van, Cut them down to suit and put bicycle reflectors on the last door pocket for night time just in case. They are ideal for storing all sorts of bits and bobs, shoes for the ladies and spare Sangria for me. Not very sexy in grey but they also don’t scream out “look at me” like the bright red Fammia ones.Cost, well if you buy the Fammia ones then probably about £20 each, so go to “The Range” as they are about £6 instead.

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