Sunrise as we Sail in to Sardinia. 15 Comments

It is eight o’clock in the morning. We are standing, a little sleep deprived, on the deck of the Naples to Cagliari ferry. As the island comes in to sight, a little tug boat pulls up alongside and the harbour pilot jumps on board to guide the ferry to dock. We take Mac n Tosh for a quick walk around the deck before making our way to Vin, our motorhome.

Bye Bye Italy

We roll off the ferry and head straight to a Lidl. Yip, Sardinia has the odd Lidl, so Craig is over the moon. We stock up, eat breakfast and then set off west in search of somewhere to chill. Our vague plan is do a big circle and hug the coastline west to east. When we are back at Cagliari we will then drive through the middle, head north and catch ferry from Porto Torres to either Corsica or Nice.

Elo Elo Sardinia 

The road through Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, is quiet. After the hustle and bustle of mainland Italy it feels strange. The route provides a good insight as to what is in store with simple but modern shops, newly painted houses and elegant apartment blocks with attractive balconies. The odd vesper passes us by but scooters are rare. The road is flat unlike the Italian bone shakers and rubbish, there is none. We drive passed the port and everything is so organised and under control, we look at each other and think the same thing. Is Sardinia part of Italy?

At the end of the port the road forks on either side of a grassy plaza, we bear left and head to the coast. Our senses are slow to react and after about 20 minutes we realise we are surrounded by flamingos and a whole load of other birds. As we approach the end of the lagoon a sign post kindly reminds us we are now passing the ancient Macchiareddu salt flats. These saltworks are now the only ones in operation in the area and its evident as trucks trundle up and down the dirt tracks.

Il Morus beach

As we turn on to the coast we pass a large factory, its an ugly concrete block and complete contrast to the surrounding natural marshland and coastline. Once out of sight the coastline continues untouched. We drive for miles with not a soul in sight and plenty places to wild camp. But we carry on until we arrive at Il Morus. We park up with half a dozen other Italian motorhomes right alongside the beach.

Our Bumble wild camping sleepy spot at Il Morus GPS position: for N038.962511, E008.975508

I find a spot on the beach, grab my book and read in between nodding. Craig on the other hand catches up with our neighbour who gives us the low down on wild camping…no awning, no chairs, no tables, no steps, no shoes outside etc. Basically, no camping behaviour otherwise they will move you. Other than that you are OK to park up.

Catch you in a couple of days when we’ve caught up on sleep.

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15 thoughts on “Sunrise as we Sail in to Sardinia.

  • Robert Ellis

    Got you’re message ,so until Monday enjoy ,then we’ll catch up ,Nice photos as usual,but the main thing Mac seems to be coping Things have not changed here ,so nothing to report Enjoy Sardinia Much Luv as usual PopsxxxMac n Tosh xxx

  • Les Rachel and Rommel

    Wow! Stunning pics, good to see dogs allowed on deck can you tell us what the rules are regarding dogs are they allowed to spend the whole crossing with you? We’re heading to Italy with our dog and would also like to take in Sardinia as long as he wasn’t confined to the van for 13hrs.

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Hi guys, the dogs were allowed to stay with us for the whole duration of the sailing. The rules stated the dogs must be on leash and only permitted in certain areas. Once we set sail people were wandering around anywhere and everywhere with their dogs.
      They were quite relaxed.

  • snoman1964

    Hi Guys if yr considering going to Corsica next you could also sail from Santa Teresa in the North to Bonifacio on the South coast of Corsica.. Santa Teresa is a quaint little town with a beautiful beach with crystal clear waters (also amazing food and cocktails in the main square Piazzo Vittorio Emanuelle) and the approach to Bonifacio on the ferry, is simply stunning.. The port itself is also a must see..
    Further up the East coast is Porto Vechhio and Palombaggio Beach which were favorites of ours.. xx

    PS – Brilliant Blogging

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Cheers Ian, we were wondering if to head to Corsica or not. By the time we get there it may be too late in the year. It could well be October/November time and the weather would probably spoil our visit…thats assuming it’s raining by then

  • Cathy and Dave

    Hi Joanne and Craig, hello from Westhoughton/Daisy Hill! Not far from your home patch I think, been enjoying your blog for a long time now, we hope to be care free and not too planned like yourselves however I reckon we’ll be pretty nervous to begin with, our plans got delayed by 12 months but hope to set off in the new year, by the way Pops comments are almost as good as your blog! I’ve lol’d several times!
    Cathy and Dave

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Hey Cathy and Dave, thanks for getting in touch.
      Not far from us at all and even closer to Pops! You might even know him? Remember the Concert Inn in Atherton?
      We were extremely nervous at first and got all sorts of things wrong. When something didn’t work we spent hours scratching our head but it all adds to the fun memories.
      We should be home around October /November..catch up over a brew if you are free.

  • Lin

    Looks lovely. Enjoy. Hope Mac is ok. Only 2 days now until we escape. We are in the pack up, clean up and what have we forgotten stage 🤔