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With half a dozen beer cans scattered around Vin it looked like we’d had a raging party. We quickly chucked the cans in to a plastic bag in readiness for their return to the shop. In Norway they have a return value of 10p along with plastic bottles.

Unfortunately, the sun shine had gone and and rain clouds had returned. Looking out down the fjord storms were at work far out in the distance and heading this way. We quickly checked the weather and its raining across the region. When its like this we now stay put because you end up missing the scenery.

By lunch time, the rain had backed off, so off we trot with wellies, rain macs and two clean dogs. A little walk around the village with a small collection of uninspiring shops before spotting a poster showing sink hole. We wandered around aimlessly looking for an arrow that said “walk this way” but instead we hit a road with no pavement. A quick 360 to find an alternative path then we spotted a small walk way running down the side of the road. We back tracked and followed..let todays adventure begin!

First, a lovely gushing waterfall next to what looks like an abandoned farm. Then the path led through woods of tall pine trees that seemed to go up forever and block out the sunlight. We wandered into them, along the over grown path that ran through the dark woods. We felt like 2 over grown kids on a grand adventure. Slushing around in the mud and getting totally filthy. Every turn in the path brought up some natural surprise – a slug bath, a mosquito bash, pools of tadpoles, a true play ground for little boys. I personally avoided the creepy crawly creature and instead admired the wild flowers.

We found an old water wheel and bits of rusty machinery. As we got deeper in to the forest the trees surrounded us and started to hug us from all sides. The soggy ground turned to swamp land and every foot step was a squelch. We were now deep in the heart of somewhere we did not want to be. The dogs were loving it but I had a fear of leeches and ticks. With no views and everywhere looking the same, we headed back before we got slightly muddled. Places like this make you feel small and confused, like a small child lost in a crowd of strange legs. As we headed back the big bad black slugs came out in force. They were hanging from every blinking branch, swing from the bushes and swimming in the swamp. I silently squealed and squirmed as they accidentally dropped on me or jumped in front of my face and shouted “boo”. Friggin bugs.

Once out of the jungle, I quickly brushed all the bugs off me before we headed back via the marina. Just before the tunnel we spotted a pair of swans with 5 ugly ducklings. Mum showing them the way whilst dad hissed and flapped his wings, protecting his family.

Mac n Tosh were soaked and covered in all sorts of creatures. Nothing for it, a hose down and shampoo. Thankfully, we are parked next to a service point. The water was a tad cold but we had no choice..the bugs had to go! Once in Vin, we realised we’d been chewed to death, damn mosquitos.

Our sleep spot tonight, same as last night just a cloudier view.

GPS position 060.241011, 005.743201

Route: Eikelacndsosen

Weather, not sure on temp because we had to change the batteries in the weather station but somewhere between 10 and 18 with lots of rain.

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2 thoughts on “Swamps & Slugs in Eikelandsosen

  • Robert Ellis

    Can’t keep up with you ,you’re faster than the Bolton Evening News,No I don’t like slimy Slugs & creepy crawlers plus damn mosquitos,if you’ve no repellent,rub vinegar on your arms also on the dogs ,blinking flies & bugs spoil it ,maybe good for plants ,Well it seems your having a great time ,good for you ,