2015 Van Life

All posts and articles relating to our motorhome road trip and van life during 2015, which mainly covers France, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Bavaria and a few stops before and after.

Road Trip

Our road trips around Europe, including famous scenic highways, mountain passes as well as off-the-beaten-path trips.

Inspirational Travel Trips

Inspirational travel ideas to help you plan a road trip for your motorhome, including great destinations, classic routes and self-drive itineraries.

Our Bumble Magazines 2015
Our Bumble Magazines 2015 Free Motorhome Magazines, before we started our website we used to make a magazine for our friends and family, It ended up being […]

Our Bumble Magazines 2015

Sunday 6 December Well we’ve been home for a few days and loving the change from travelling but equally, we miss the freedom to just go where […]

Back in the UK

Monday 30 November: Cologne to Vaal, Netherlands Cologne Koln GPS Position: 50.95575, 6.97393 Well I set of for Aachen this morning with an uneventful and […]

Cologne to UK

Sunday 8 November: Krugzell to Bad Waldsee Krugzell GPS Position: 47.793868, 10.259379 Nothing sexy folks as today is administration day! Today, we head to Bad […]

Krugzell to Cologne

Tuesday 27 October: Lofer to Ramsau Welcome to Germany, for the next two weeks we are off to explore and drive the 460km Bavarian Alpine […]

Lofer to Krugzell

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Friday 23 October: Lake Jansa to Wacht Jansa Lake GPS Position: 46.475623, 13.783062 We only expected to be in Slovenia a few days but loved […]

Lake Jansa to Lofer

Monday 5 October: Treviso to Udine Treviso GPS Position: 45.648901, 12.240253 Nice blue skies this morning for our little jaunt in to Treviso. We decided […]

Treviso to Trieste

Monday 28 September: Marradi to Ravenna Have you changed my pillow? Nope, why? Feels like I am sleeping on a damn beanbag  Craig does make […]

Marradi to Treviso

Saturday 19 September: Barga Bagna GPS Position: 44.073762, 10.476299 Tap, tap, tap Craig there is someone at the door Bloodiel who’s knocking at this godly […]

Barga to Marradi

Saturday 12 September: Chiavari to La Spezia Chiavari GPS Position: 44.330954, 9.287077 Woke to the sound of water and wood smoke. As we peered out […]

Chiavari to Barga

Friday 14 August: Marseilles to Callelongue Well after a day in Marseille we decided to drive to the other side of its bay and see […]

Marseilles to Saint Paul De Vence

Saturday 8 August: Pont du Gard to Avignon Pont du Gard GPS Position: 43.954818, 4.546343 A hot and sticky night is an understatement. We were […]

Pont Du Gard to Marseilles

Saturday 1 August: Beziers to Baleruc les Baines Beziers GPS Position: 43.335274, 3.208102 Craig got up reasonably early and starting messing around with a new […]

Beziers to Pont Du Gard

Saturday 25 July: Villefranche de Conflent to Cucugnan Villefranche de Conflent GPS Position: 42.586207, 2.365764 Craig had a tut walk around the outside of Vin […]

Villefranche de Confluent To Bezier

Saturday 11 July: Torla to L’Ainsa Torla GPS Position: 42.623685, -0.111534 Excited today we are going on an off road adventure…in a Motorhome. Saturday’s in […]

Torla to Llavorsi

Saturday 4 July: Zaragoza to Guerra de Gellego After a few nights broken sleep it was no surprise that we slept like logs and it […]

Zarragoza To Torla

Saturday 27 June: Villafumes to Benicarlo Villafumes GPS Position: N40.113939, W-0.052567 We both got up rather dopey after a sleepless night of itching mosquito bites. […]

Villafumes to Zaragoza