Arctic Circle

Touring the arctic circle in a motorhome is very easy especially during the summer months. Dramatic road and vista’s along the world’s most scenic routes. Freedom to park anywhere, long days messing about on the water and a motorhome called Vin – Arctic Circle proves an inspired choice for Our Bumble 2016 road trip.

When i was parked at Alta museum i spotted another English van but know one around, when I drove into Alta I saw the same […]

Now the waiting game.

Well after an uneventful evening me and the dudes set off again, I think the dogs are missing their mum a little especially Mac. He […]

A Jurassic Landscape.

Well the jobs done (fingers crossed anyway) Vin finally left the garage along with a big bill, just under 25,000 Nok and a much thinner […]

Cough up the Krone

Hopeful in Harstad motorhome 8 Comments
We were up before daybreak and by the fact it never gets dark here, that could be anytime! All we know it was nice and […]

Hopeful in Harstad

Travel 11 Comments
Sorry no posts yesterday but we had some bad news. The prognosis for our friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer is not great. Despite […]

Bad News in Ballstad