Breathtaking Views

Briksdal Glacier largest European Glacier
Briksdal Glacier Visit Briksdal Glacier largest European Glacier set amongst roaring waterfalls and high peaks. If you wish to understand the creation of the fjords, you should […]

Briksdal Glacier Largest European Glacier

Motorhome drives - Suleskard Pass
Amazing Drive Motorhome Drives – Suleskard Pass, Norway. This scenic road is only open in the summer, as the snow is too deep through the […]

Motorhome Drives – Suleskard Pass

Telemark Canal Beautiful Waterway World
The Telemark Canal The Telemark Canal connects Skien to Dalen in southern Norway by linking several long lakes in the Skien watershed through a series of 18 locks.  It […]

A Beautiful Waterway – The Telemark Canal