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Our ferry on its way

Our ferry on its way

Our journey started with a ferry ride across the Sognefjord to Dragsvik. The short crossing over the longest and deepest fjord was one of the most scenic ferry crossings, so far. Once over the water, do we go left, right or straight ahead? Ummm, so many choices and they all look wonderful. We opted for the road less travelled, no surprises there then.Straight ahead we roll.

The single track road with the occasional passing point set the tone for the rest of the day. With no towns and no road signs we cant really tell you where we have been except it was one massive, natural roller coaster of a drive, which finished on Lake Jolster. Embarrassing really because we know the roads and we could look up the details on the map but I suppose it doesn’t matter…it was exhilarating!

Look at that road we just climbed

Look at that road we just climbed

The best way to describe today’s drive…we drove up and up and up just like on a roller coaster. At the top we looked down and one side belly turning drops (as you can see) and on the other just miles of humps and bumps over the top of the mountain range. Some bumps you drive over, some you drive round, some through the middle and some a bit of all the above! Well that was our day with plenty stops and “look there” and “oh have you seen that”.

We climbed roads that made Vin snort just like a bull before the charge. We tootled over to ‘opening soon’ platforms dangling high above vertical cliffs. Frozen lakes just starting to thaw and endless waterfalls. We cruised down lanes completely covered in christmas trees and through rocky outcrops full of mountain heathers. It was brilliant.

Lake Jolster

Lake Jolster our sleep spot

We arrived in Vassenden and parked up alongside the lake. The cloud was closing in and for what ever reason we just didn’t feel it. I am sure there is nothing wrong with the place but it just didn’t hit the spot. But after a fabulous day, it really doesn’t matter, a place to rest and sleep.

Our sleep spot tonight..picnic spot on lake Jolster with basic services and a few fellow campers.

GPS position N061.510969, and E006.640382

Route: Vargsnes to Vassenden, Lake Jolster

Weather: Low 15 and high 25…starting to get used to the Norwegian sunshine

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4 thoughts on “The Big Dipper ride to Lake Jolster

  • Robert Ellis

    Nice scenery it looks lovely and peaceful,you’d best keep an eye on the fuel gauge as you won’t be coming across many petrol stations out there !You won’t be bothered with noisy neighbours that’s for sure ,Pity Craig’s not into fishing ,he’d have a whale of a time out there plus fresh fish for tea ,Been really hot here for the last week,but according to the news it’s changing at weekend

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Funnily enough dad there are quite a few fuel stations around. Only small ones and the price is still reasonable too. Having said that, Craig is brilliant at making sure Vin performs to his best!

  • David

    Amazing pics keep up the hard work miss you all Dave Lucy Oliver xx ps we having lots of fun in the hot Portuguese sun xx

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Cheers Dave. looks like you are enjoying Portugal and so glad, a well deserved break. Although how you are coping with the 3 ladies I have no idea, you need a medal. Joanne x x x