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The sun streamed through every little crack in the blinds creating a wonderful light display inside of Vin. Craig jumped out of bed only to discover it was only 6am.

We travelled down the coastal road all the way to Skagen, occasionally stopping to check out the idyllic and secluded picnic stops. All well equipped with toilets, picnic benches and rubbish bins. A two minute hike over a sand dune and you were straight on the beach. Once in Skagen we did a quick Netto shop for a few cheeky beers and wine..rude not to in this weather! Then we scooted around the town and found a parking spot near the harbour before taking a cycle in to town.

Skegan Fisherman Statue

Skegan Fisherman Statue

The sun is shining bright over the marina, Skagen’s most hip and trendy place, the white washed cottages absorbing the blue ripples of the marina bay. The cobbled streets are busy with people enjoying an alfresco drink on the sun bleached wooden benches. Groups of teenagers sitting on the quayside, legs dangling, drinking beer and discussing what tricks they have planned for weekend. The large boats hosting exclusive parties with crates of beer stacked on the quayside. The marina come harbour is a real mix of tradition meets trend. Since the 19th century the harbour has been a thriving fishing port with daily auctions at the quayside but come lunch time the place is transformed in to a haven for boat owners. The mix of grubby trawlers alongside elaborate and exclusive yachts is rare sight. But this strange mix works really well adding rustic character with a real sense of fun. As we cycled further round the marina fishermen’s huts nestle amongst the low key bars and fish shacks offering catch of the day. Their tables and chairs spilling out onto the pedestrianised harbour front in an attempt to cater for the hoards of people. Live bands played to the crowds and today, everyone was in the mood for singing.

After the brightly painted yellow pastel houses with red tiled roofs we continued cycling out of town a few miles to Grenen, the northernmost point of Denmark. The whole area consist of vast sand dunes with endless wild heather. The lighthouse was out of bounds for repair (sigh) along with a huge wooden catapult. So, instead we joined hordes of tourists all walking around the coast looking at the old bunker system. Occasionally, stopping on the top of a sand dune looking out to sea. It is here the Baltic sea says hello to the North sea and the fishing boats tootle back and forth to the harbour. In many ways the area and the setting remind you of lands end – not much to see but somehow captivating. This wild landscape made an impression the Danish writer Holger Drachmann so much that he requested to be buried here and his grave can be found on one of the dunes. We gave the grave hunt a miss as cycling through sand dunes is not a great past time.

Back in the town and the centre was still buzzing with midday tourists. Wandering in and out of the designer clothes shops or fumbling through the many antique stalls. The half a dozen bars were packed to the brim with people enjoying a beer and clapping along to songs of yester year. The jolly atmosphere and ambiance certainly put everyone in a feel good mood.

Main square in the old town

Main square in the old town

Back at base and we moved a Vin to the open air museum. The parking spot was much cleaner and quiet, a good idea as the boat parties are clearly getting louder by the minute.

Todays not been a great day for Mac. Firstly he first developed a terrible itchy bum and it drove him bonkers. Then he tried a big boy wee, managed to half cocked his leg and then fell over. Tosh managed the big boy wee and pickled all over Mac who stood there mortified. Then if thats not enough on the way back from Grenen he decided to spontaneously cartwheel out of the bike bag. He landed with a thump and clearly was as stunned and shocked as us! Poor little Mac. We reassured him, gave him a cuddle them reminded him not to be so goofy. But we did give him a big treat when we got home, fresh chicken gravy poured on top of his biscuits. He ended the day licking his lips with sweet doggy dreams albeit a little bit bruised and smelly.

Our Sleep Spot next to the open air museum

Our Sleep Spot next to the open air museum

Our sleep spot tonight, a secluded bush garden at the side of the open air museum in Skegan. With a windmill at the rear and barns to the front with more cute hopping bunny rabbits. Sweet dreams everyone especially to our friend Bruno!

GPS position N057.715679 E010.573491

Route:Ā Frederikshevn to Skegan

Weather, low 7 high 20. Glorious sunshine and long may this continue!2016-05-05 at 20-42-45-Skagen

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  • Robert Ellis

    Poor little Mac ,that must have been like a 12 ft drop to him ,never mind ,they soon forget ,It sounds quite nice were you are travelling ,let’s hope it keeps that way, Enjoy a beer & a glass of wine with the Danes Loads of Luv DADxxx woof woof Mac n Tosh hope you’ve not got a sore head & got rid of that itchy bum Woof woof xx

  • Paul Betts

    Great Blog!

    We’ve just had a weekend in the Varmland Sweden, and currently sitting in the Airport in Gotteburg reading your blog, I can confirm its stinking hot! ..

    Really interested to see which way you go next! šŸ™‚