The Hunt for the Stone Age Graves

Someone pinched the sunshine, please bring it back! It was a tad grey and cold but still warm enough for a little jog around the lake. Yesterday, I took Tosh with me and today, I took Mac for his first jog. Tosh is like the golden child and Mac, well we call him our little problem child. As you can imagine he was all over the show and for every step forward I took 5 back after I tripped over his lead of course.

As we had breakfast we watched the cars pull up and the teenagers roll out for their Saturday rugby game. Whilst the lads chanted and grunted before the game we cycled in to Munster following the lakeside and watching the start of the weekend canoe trails. At the end of the lake, Westfälische Wilhelms University, which is one of Germany’s largest universities with very charming buildings. We cycled around and around passed the town hall, the cathedral and endless cobbled streets. It was a tad busy with Saturday shoppers and tourists but to be honest, we did not really see the appeal. It was nice but nothing special although we did have a traditional Munster lunch… a sausage roll and cherry danish.

We arrived back in Vin a lot earlier than planned and after a hot cuppa to warm us up we opted to drive to Lidl and then towards Bremen. The two hour drive was rather boring just like most motorway drives. The low hum of the road noise sent me into that stupid state of mindlessness including the nodding dog mode. The one were your head slowly moves forward until you lose all control of your neck muscles and bash, your head snaps forward and you jump out my skin. At this point, I usually open my eyes wide in an attempt to convince Craig I am fully alert only to find I have dribble on down my chin.

We pulled off at Visbek, parked up on the town square and went to view the megalithic graves from 3,500 to 1,800 BC including the 260 foot long bridegroom grave and the even larger 320 foot bride grave. To start with we followed the sign posts only to hit a dead end! We searched for hours walking around the town, in to every cemetery, down every lane and across the countryside until we got totalled brassed off with looking. Everyone we asked gave us a blank look and with that, we concluded the bride and groom must still be honeymoon.

Parking Spot

Parking Spot

Our sleep spot tonight, snuggled in behind the town hall in Visbek. The free, quiet courtyard / car park is sheltered on all 4 sides and located just off off the main village square. Excellent spot and even Vin the motorhome is happy to rest his tyres and hide from cold winds.

GPS position N.052.836116 E.008.313535

Route: Munster to Visbek

Weather: high 14 Low 7, overcast with occasional showers and bitter cold winds.

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