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Today's journey

View from the window.

With Vin all repaired the journey continues, so up bright and early, jobs list for today, top up the water, empty the loo and waste etc, next gets some GPL across the road (A rare commodity in Norway we’ve found, so get it when you see it is our motto.) Diesel was next on the list but I missed out on the Sunday evening cheap rates and now must pay full whack for the stuff (Sunday nights are 10-20% cheaper in Norway).

Everything was now full that was empty and the empty was now full. I fired up Vin and set off toward Alta. I have 550km of ground to cover in a week before I meet Joanne at the airport. The plan, well there isn’t one other than driving with my finger crossed that the Mercedes dealer has worked their magic and Vin is now a happy bunny.

It’s battering it down with rain and the clouds are low so the views through the screen are not the best. Shame really, as I’m sure if the weather cleared it would be a great drive. The kilometres started to tick down and all was well, my crossed fingers relaxed a little and my eyes started to stop glancing at the engine light to make sure it didn’t come on again. The journey to Harstad was slow and would have choked Vin up quite a bit, so the engine revs were kept up so if there were any build up then it could clean itself out.

After a couple of hours and the weather not clearing up I decided to pull in for the day. Hopefully tomorrow the clouds vanish and I can at least tell you what the areas look like. Not an exciting day, cold, wet and miserable but Vin ran well which at least put a smile on my face. Missing my Joanne too as things don’t seem the same when she’s not here.  I even managed to get to bed before midnight for a change. You don’t seem to get tired with 24 hour days of sunlight.

GPS position for tonight: 68.66231, 17.76332

The spot overlooks the town/village of Gratangsbotn, it’s a picnic area set back from the main route. No facilities but you look down a great valley to the waters below. I open the window and took a quick piccy as seen above.

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2 thoughts on “The Journey Continues towards Alta

  • Robert Ellis

    It must be a relief now it’s repaired, but now you are wondering will it ever happen again,Hop you didn’t forget to put Mac n Tosh in the back of Vin ,Hope they are good company for you & not being a nuisance,because if they are it can be hard work,No doubt Joanne will have told you the sad news that Susan’s hubby past away ,It must be a shock but also a great relief as there was no cure ,Let’s hope things all round improve,had enough bad luck,I’ve only seen Joanne for ten minutes as she’s been so involved with Susan’s problem,All the Best Craig & hope everything goes to plan from now on ,Cheers Dad 🍷🍷🍺🍺