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Big blobs of rain pelted Vin and as each one landed you could hear him say “ouch”.

Waterfall, natures tap

Waterfall, natures tap

With grey clouds and rain we felt a wee bit sorry for ourselves, what do we do today? We cant go out and play! We moped around until lunchtime and then jumped back on the single track road. It was like an arcade game, a small windy road with balancing on the edge of a rock face with sheer drops to the waters edge. Thankfully, it was quiet, so no passing traffic and no tummy turns as we go too close to the edge. Once we left the river we climbed up in to the sky slope mountains and boy, it looked awfully drab. The ski resorts certainly wont win any prizes for pride of Norway with their soulless and boring concrete set ups. I know things look different when they are covered in snow but really, do they need to make them so awful. The grey weather did not help the setting and the naked trees and barren slopes certainly contributed to an uninspiring place at this time of year. But have no fear..a dark and dingy tunnel came to our rescue!

Vin at Rush Hour.

Vin at Rush Hour.

Out the tunnel and down the hill all the way to Odda. The valley and interlocking hill slopes looked lush and inviting after the bare slopes. No matter where we looked we could see waterfalls of every shape and size. Then next minute whoosh…a waterfall right at the side of the road, gushing over and hitting Vin. Whoa, lets drive back and clean the other side of the motorhome. A few meters later and perfect pull in point but oh no, we had a dopey driver who coasted along all the parking spots, blocking access. Grrr. Clearly no brain cells left as they had no idea what they were doing or where they where going. We had to drive on, so as not to block the road. We carried on to the rather commercial and busy town of Odda with the hope we might get chance to have a mooch round town. But nah, the rains kept on coming, so we curled up on Vin and watched the rain drops splash in to the water.

View to Odda

View towards Odda

Slug butty

Mac meets a slug for the 1st time

A little later and Craig got bored. He had sat down for half an hour and that was enough to drive him to despair, so we swizzled our chairs around and headed down the fjord. Five minutes later we pulled in to a small, elevated car park. Surrounded by waterfalls tumbling and grashing down from the mighty  Folgefonna glacier towering 1600m above us.

The rain had finally calmed down and turned to drizzle, so Craig saw the perfect opportunity to wash the motorhome. Whilst he lathered Vin and scrubbed off the bugs I took Mac n Tosh for a walk in the woods. Up, up and away we went right in to the hills which the dogs loved. A sniff at conifers, pee on weeds, splash in streams and a new discovery…slugs and snails. Big, fat, black slugs. Hundreds of the fellas were out to make the most of the rains. Mac n Tosh were rather intrigued by the little creatures, shoving their snouts right up to them until they curled up in a ball. I am sure they found it highly amusing to frighten every slug in the valley especially Mac. Thankfully, after half an hour he got bored of the game and moved on to running like an idiot in to every puddle and stream.

After evening meal we sat reading, chatting and gawking out the window until we realised the time. Jeez it is 12.30 and still light! All of a sudden we felt shattered, so we closed shop and hit the pillow.

Our sleepy spot view of Odda

Our sleepy spot view of Odda

Our sleep spot tonight, small elevated car park just outside of Odda. Great view over the fjord and surrounding hills with tumbling waterfalls from the giant Folgefonna glacier.

GPS position 060.079828, 006.528887

Route: Nesflaten to Odda

Weather, low 9 high 21. Lots of rain and low cloud, which restricted our view of the fjord peaks

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  • Robert Ellis

    What a Difference a Day makes ,remember that song ,maybe not ,you can have all seasons in one day ,Never mind at least Vin is being kept clean .Keep you’re chins up ,kheep on enjoying. Mac n Tosh woof woof xxx