Thunder Falls, Briksdal 3 Comments


Thunder Falls

Thunder Falls

All night long the waterfall keeps up a light roar with the occasional loud clap as more snow slips off the mountain and increases the river flow. In a semi sleep state this gentle roar was quite soothing but for Craig, the flow of water made him want to pee all night.

We were debating whether to stay or head off when we received a call that one of our friends has secondary cancer. News we weren’t expecting and it knocked us for six. This is the second friend in a matter of weeks and it really makes you wonder. We want to respect their privacy, so no names but sending you all our love and support x x x

View to the waterfall

View to the waterfall

We decided to stay at the campsite, enjoy the sunshine, relax and enjoy our each others company. We sat watching the waterfall which roars like thunder and sometimes it is really loud, it makes you jump. In days gone by they used the waterfall to predict the weather – the louder the roar the more chance of rain. Well given some of the roars today, we would guess lots of rain heading this way. In between chatting, Craig did a spot of tinkering (as you might expect) which included hacksawing the chairs to make them a tad smaller, so they fit in the garage better. I did a few updates on our website, which included a new links page and fellow travel blogs.

Not Guilty

Not Guilty

We opted for another nice sauna before heading in to the campsite hut for a chat with our neighbours. A lovely warm wood fire, good company and toasted marshmallows yum.

Our sleep spot tonight.. The scenic Melkevoll Bretun campsite

GPS position N061.664000 and E006.816657

Route: Birksdal Glacier

Weather: Low 7 and high 28…nice and hot with a few scatter clouds in the afternoon.

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3 thoughts on “Thunder Falls, Briksdal

  • Robert Ellis

    Yes it’s started to a little raining here & I think there is more on the way it’s very muggy & heavy ,I think we will have thunder shortly,Sorry to hear of the bad news of you’re friend,why can’t they find a cure all the money spent in this world on stupid war weapons ,shame,anyway ,who was guilty Mac or Tosh Luvdadxxx

  • Wayne & Angie

    Thanks for the link in ‘Fellow travel blogs’, we are still here, shooting up to northern Germany now, hot on your heals let’s say. Great posts, fantastic photos. We can’t wait to see thunder falls. Kindest…Wayne.