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Exchange old currency pounds
It’s very common that people think their old currency is worthless, but then it turns out that on average it’s worth more than £100 pounds. […]

Hidden Treasurers in our Travel Drawer

Drying Washing in Your Motorhome
Motorhome laundry and drying can be a chore especially when its not sun shining. Limited space and no where to hang it? If you stay on […]

Drying Washing in Your Motorhome

Bad eggs in grey water tank 7 Comments
Rotten egg smell in your’s why and how we get rid! The grey tank holds all your shower and dirty water from your sinks. […]

Smelly Grey Water Tank

Motorhome Toilet Rollmotorhome toilet paper 10 Comments
Yesterday, we received an email from someone (new to motorhoming) asking about toilet roll. We could sense the panic and anxiety in their tone and then […]

Which Motorhome Toilet Paper?

Cleaning the van, As you may have gathered I do like to keep the motorhome clean but when an opportunity arises I also clean the roof, […]

Washing your motorhome

Everyone should have a basic tool and spares box, weather that be a basic one or one that is very comprehensive, it would all depend on […]

What’s in our Tool/Spares Box

Make an Avtex TV play more movie files. The TV we have is a Avtex L186DRS LED TV/DVD/PVR Combi with Satellite Decoder. It plays movies, music, […]

Play more on an Avtex TV

Keeping your Fridge Cool. To keep your fridge as cool as possible (especially in summer) you need to keep it as full as possible.  If you […]

Efficient Fridge/Freezer

Water usage, it’s the single most important thing that is taken for granted in a home. You may not think so but stop for a […]

Fresh Water Ideas

Here are a few ideas for stopping those annoying rattles and squeak sounds that all motorhomes have. When driving along the grill mesh bit will […]

Stop the Squeaks

One of the more common questions we are asked is how we wash our clothing in a camper/motorhome. Well first of all you can get purchase portable […]

Wash & Go

Our current motorhome cab area is lower than the rest of the motorhome and a ramp/storage area is installed to create two footwells and level […]

Non Slip Floors

Tupperware, well the modern equivalent anyway, it keeps everything fresh, saves weight, doesn’t rattle like glass jars, it is stackable and unbreakable.  We have so […]

Storage ideas!

Keep Flies & Mosquito’s at bay – It is good motorhome manners to pour all waste water down the drain but here is another good […]


Towards the end of the week the Hymer table runner/handle lost its thread. I tried to fix it but didn’t have the right bolts, so […]

Fix a Hymer Table

Scratched seat – When traveling the toilet lid rubs against the toilet seat and scratches the plastic. Not only do the scratches look naff but […]

Toilet Talk

Shampoo, condition and soap dispenser – we use a pears body wash containers. They are oval but flat front and back with a hook on […]

Bathroom Bits & Bobs

When we were in France in 2015 the we had a little problem with our habitation door. We had just bought a replacement door retainer […]

Habitation Door Spring