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First off the dam tap broke again. This has happened before in Portugal, the microswitch or more accurately the wires to the microswitch snap inside […]

Fix a busted tap

I repaired the sink cover/chopping board again, When it gets hot the cover and chopping board expand at different rates causing the top to bow […]

Chopping Board Repair

Driving in the European Union can be different from the roads in the UK, and failure to abide with laws and regulations can cause legal problems, as well as serious […]

Motorhome Driving Tips

Motorhome Safety Tips
Motorhome safety in terms of driving or whilst parked up is something that you learn over time. Driving a huge vehicle with all your possessions […]

Motorhome Safety Tips

The following article is all about the installation of a solar system onto our old motorhome a Hymer 694SL then retro fitting it to our […]

Solar Panel Installation