What’s in our Tool/Spares Box

Everyone should have a basic tool and spares box, weather that be a basic one or one that is very comprehensive, it would all depend on the individual. Some countries even state you must have certain spares like vehicle bulbs, 2 X breathalysers, 2 X emergency triangles etc.

Well each year our toolbox list grows a little depending on what broke the previous year. I have a tendency to fix things myself if possible plus the fact fiddling with things is my nature so our toolbox is quite varied. Some things are indispensable and others rarely if ever get used.

Below is a list of the tools and spares we carry but the ones I’d consider essential for everyone will have a “Yes” and the ones marked “No” I’d consider optional.

Phillips No1 Screwdriver No Gaffer Tape Yes
Phillips No2 Screwdriver Yes Electrical Tape No
Posi No1 Screwdriver No Super Glue Yes
Posi No2 Screwdriver No Double Sided Tape No
Small Flat Head Screwdriver Yes Canopy Repair Tape Yes
Large Flat Head Screwdriver Yes Glue Gun Yes
Electricians Screwdriver No Emergency Triangle X 2 Yes
Pliers – Standard Yes Breathalyser Kit X 2 Yes
Pliers – Long nose No Spare Bulbs – Van Yes
Wire Cutters No Spare Bulbs – Habitation Yes
Hammer No Selection Of Small Screws Yes
Rubber Mallet Yes Selection Of Nuts & Bolts No
Sharp Knife & Spare Blades Yes File Set No
Soldering Iron & Solder No Sandpaper No
Hacksaw & Spare Blades Yes Old Toothbrush No
Wood Saw No Bungie Cord Yes
Adjustable Wrench Yes WD40 Yes
Socket Set No Torch Yes
Selection Of Spanners No Rope Yes
Cordless Drill No Spare Vehicle Fuses Yes
Selection of Drill Bits No Spare Electrical Plug & Fuses Yes
Tape Measure No Spare Water Pump Yes
 Spare Keys / Barrels Yes Spare Sink Plug Yes
 Spare Tyre Or Repair Kit Yes Spare Curtain Hooks/Clips No
 Rope Small Sewing Kit Yes Yes

I haven’t listed everything here but these are pretty much standard items many people would take with them.

What are your recommendations or things you must have just in case? Let us know in the comments section and we’ll update the page.

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