Touring Europe in a Motorhome, so how much did it cost for 12 months?

Our Motorhome Tour Budget

When we set off in 2014 we really had no idea how much our motorhome road trip would cost. Of course we set ourselves a budget and we guessed around £25,000 for both us (which is very cheap) would just about cover us.  To our surprise it cost us significantly less, which means we can carry on touring for longer!

Touring Europe in a Motorhome, so how much did it costs?

The single most frequently asked question we get asked about our travels is how much does it cost?  Well for 12 months travel in 2015 the bottomline = £7,541.70 for 360 days for 2 people and 1 dog. Here’s our breakdown…

Total Day to Day Expenses (Euro)
Camping € 290.90
Diesel € 2,343.86
LPG € 328.59
Entrance Fees € 484.15
Tolls & Tunnels € 72.80
Shopping € 3,400.91
Tobacco € 501.31
Alfresco € 458.65
Other / Repairs € 557.01
Total (in Euro €) € 8,438.18
Total Number of Days 360
Average per day € €23.44
Total Spend  in GBP £
Day to Day Expenses (per above converted from € to £)


Data & Mobile


Insurance, Service, Tax & Warranty


Motorhome repairs


Total (in GBP £)




Some more tour statistics

Total kilometers


Average km per day


Cost per kilometer



  • On a day to day basis we use Euro €, so our daily spend it tracked in Euro’s €.
  • Our annual vehicle costs and monthly phone costs are paid in GBP £.
  • When we exchange GBP £ to Euro € we keep a record of how much it costs us to exchange, so we can easily switch between £ or €.
  • The overall exchange rate for our 2015 trip was £1 to €1.37

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