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We arrived in Tallen, Estonia and loving it, so not had time to write up our blog but found a cheeky 5 minutes to update our stats….

We set off on 11 April 14 and bar a couple of months back in the UK to change motorhomes we are still traveling and enjoying the adventure all the way. As at July 2016, we have covered a total of 33,432 kilometres or 20,774 miles over 606 days. Travelling an average of 55 km per day with the longest journey being 780 km. We have travelled to and visited 20 countries and consumed 4,346 litres of diesel from 88 fuel stations with an average of 22 mpg. We’ve filled our LPG bottles 55 times and used 1,139 litres of gas to heat our home, run the fridge and freezer, hot water, oven, grill, hob and last but not least our BBQ at an average cost of €0.94 per day. We have paid 40 tolls, tunnels and mountain passes, 17 ferries and 11 flights. We’ve had 1 break in, 1 bump, 2 reversing eeks and 1 oops when the garage door flew off at 2,425 m above sea level. Overnight, we have stayed on 91 campsites or aires but we have grown to love wild camping and spent 515 nights where ever the road takes us. 305 supermarket sweeps and 45 evenings of fine dining.A total of 354 days with nothing but sunshine, 122 overcast days, 67 mixed, 3 thunder storms and 61 days of rain.

So how much has it cost…£19,959.52 for everything. A bargain at only £32.94 per day for 2 people and 2 dogs. Oh and we forgot to mention, killed each other 16 times, spent 10 days in silence and 580 days loving each other to bits.

We try and publish costs every six months or so with a full round up at the end of the trip. If you fancy looking at last years costs on a more detailed level, click here.

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10 thoughts on “Touring Europe in a Motorhome, Our Statistics

  • Julie

    Wow, £20k for everything! We haven’t done any flights or had a huge repair bill and are way over your daily average. Looks like we’d have to borrow Craig for a few months to stop our eating out and campsite laundry trips if we wanted to get our costs down! 😁
    Great stats.
    Ju x

  • Val & Tony Steel

    Hi Joanne and Craig,

    Thank you so much for sharing all the good, bad and the ugly of motorhoming full time. We are now inspired and having just retired have decided to do something similar. Your information on ‘how to’ everything has been invaluable in our planning.

    One question, we have been given an average payload weight of 400kg which includes diesel, water, us and everything else. How do you do it with a washer/spinner and bikes as well. It certainly adds new meaning to traveling light. We live in New Zealand and are coming over to UK to buy a motorhome and travel UK and Europe for 18 months or so.

    Once again excellent blog, thanks for taking the time to share your adventures and we are excited to start our own.

    Kind regards
    Val and Tony Steel

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Hi Val & Tony, thanks for getting in touch and sorry for the delay but we’ve no wifi at moment. We are pinching it from various hot spots in and around Poland.
      Our first van was a little limiting on payload but we managed. However, it did struggle when climbing up and down the mountains and I do remember a time when we had to keep stopping to cool down the breaks!
      When we switched motorhomes, it was important for us to have the capacity to carry more and travel to places without restrictions. Our current payload is slightly higher as we have a 5 ton motorhome and it makes life a lot easier. Having said that, over time you learn to just pack the essentials and realise half the stuff is of no use. Its like when you go on an annual always take too much!
      We did a few trials in the UK trying to work out what was necessary and what wasn’t. We packed and unpacked the van a 1000 times to get it right.
      It takes time Val & Steve just like adapting to a new lifestyle but half the fun is exploring what works and what doesn’t.
      Excited for you…when do you arrive in the UK?