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Motorhomers European Country Guides
Our Bumble country guides aim to give you practical information on the countries we have visited. Here you will find tips on finding places to […]

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Our Bumble Magazines 2015
Our Bumble Magazines 2015 Free Motorhome Magazines, before we started our website we used to make a magazine for our friends and family, It ended up being […]

Our Bumble Magazines 2015

Our Bumble Magazines 2014 Free Campervan Magazines, before we started our website we used to make a magazine for our friends and family, It ended up being quite […]

Our Bumble Magazines 2014

Monday 5 October: Treviso to Udine Treviso GPS Position: 45.648901, 12.240253 Nice blue skies this morning for our little jaunt in to Treviso. We decided […]

Treviso to Trieste

Monday 28 September: Marradi to Ravenna Have you changed my pillow? Nope, why? Feels like I am sleeping on a damn beanbag  Craig does make […]

Marradi to Treviso

Saturday 19 September: Barga Bagna GPS Position: 44.073762, 10.476299 Tap, tap, tap Craig there is someone at the door Bloodiel who’s knocking at this godly […]

Barga to Marradi

Saturday 12 September: Chiavari to La Spezia Chiavari GPS Position: 44.330954, 9.287077 Woke to the sound of water and wood smoke. As we peered out […]

Chiavari to Barga

This weeks theme: Spam! The cherubs followed us in to Austria and no matter where we go they appear. They are haunting us, these little […]

Brenner to Garberbach

Arreevederchee Italy It is good to be back on the road and seeing the wonderful sights of Italy but not for long, as we’re now […]

Ferrara to Brenner

Repairs All Round The mood in camp didn’t change much in fact it probably got a little worse before it got better. We all seemed […]

Bologna to Ferrara

Week 13 – Luck Continues Half way through week 13 and it feels like an eternity. Our high was Matera and it was truly amazing […]

Cosenza to Bologna

Eek We Have a Leak We sadly said good bye to Sicily and said hello (again) Italy. It was a strange but quite a nice […]

Messina to Cosenza

The Italian Bank Job This week has just been brilliant and to honest, we didn’t expect it to be this good. The Calabria Tyrrhenian coast […]

Diamante to Scillia