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These posts are all about our journey and any information related to this country.

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Motorhomers European Country Guides
Our Bumble country guides aim to give you practical information on the countries we have visited. Here you will find tips on finding places to […]

Country Guides

Our Bumble Magazines 2014 Free Campervan Magazines, before we started our website we used to make a magazine for our friends and family, It ended up being quite […]

Our Bumble Magazines 2014

We arrived in Sicily on 21st May with no expectations and an open mind. Six weeks later we are leaving with beautiful memories, unforgettable experiences […]

Stunning Sicily

Stifling in Sicily. This week’s been a challenge in more ways than one. The temperature and the humidity have been really high, which just zaps […]

Piano Battaglia to Messina

Sizzling Sicily. It is now getting extremely hot and sticky in Sicily. Peanut has ditched his fluffy bed and opted for a big, soaking wet […]

Erice to Piano Battaglia

Sleepless in Sicily We’ve struggled this week as my itchy arms have drove me potty. It is something that I have had for a few […]

Ragussa to Erice

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Smiling Sicily Italians don’t really smile unless they know you but if you smile or wave then they often return the gesture. It is funny […]

Modica to Ragusa 

Balance & Harmony This week feels really good. We’re naturally getting up at sunrise and managing to have a shower, get dressed and have breakfast […]

Avola to Modica

Tuesday 20 May: Scillia to Chianalea Craig woke in a mischievous mood and there is only one thing for it, hide under the covers until […]

Scillia to Avola