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These posts are all about our journey and any information related to this country.

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Cote d'Opale 19 Comments
A few days ago we booked the ferry from Dover to Calais and since then we’ve spent the last couple of days moving all our […]

Here We Go: Trip 2017

Motorhomers European Country Guides
Our Bumble country guides aim to give you practical information on the countries we have visited. Here you will find tips on finding places to […]

Country Guides

Our Bumble Magazines 2015
Our Bumble Magazines 2015 Free Motorhome Magazines, before we started our website we used to make a magazine for our friends and family, It ended up being […]

Our Bumble Magazines 2015

Our Bumble Magazines 2014 Free Campervan Magazines, before we started our website we used to make a magazine for our friends and family, It ended up being quite […]

Our Bumble Magazines 2014

Motorhome Life 20 Comments
Our Bumble Website is now 2 months old! We are starting to receive lots of encouraging emails and messages from like minded people about our site and our […]

Motorhome Life

Welcome to our 1st blog on our new website! Would you believe we have been at home for 4 months! It feels like we’ve been […]

Here we go: Trip 2016

Thursday 14 January Just before our breakfast we scoffed our worming tablet that should do us nicely until mid April. Later that day we chilled […]

Pampered Puppies

Mac n Tosh
Monday 14 December Last night was awesome. We slept on a huge fluffy blanket next to mum and dad’s bed. They let us out for […]

Pawfect Puppies

So how much did our 1st trip cost?  Well for 2014 the bottomline = £8034.58 for 131 days for 2 people and 1 dog. Here’s our breakdown…   […]

2014 Trip: The Costings

Sunday 6 December Well we’ve been home for a few days and loving the change from travelling but equally, we miss the freedom to just go where […]

Back in the UK

Monday 30 November: Cologne to Vaal, Netherlands Cologne Koln GPS Position: 50.95575, 6.97393 Well I set of for Aachen this morning with an uneventful and […]

Cologne to UK

Mac n Tosh
Mac n Tosh After months of searching we managed to find these two twins to join us our family. Woof cool dudes! We are Mac […]

Introducing Mac n Tosh

Tuesday 9 December: Folkestone to Calais First port of call Folkestone for a 2015 camping card then a quick trudge around Dover for some last […]

Here We Go: Trip 2015

Sunday 21 September Its been a while since we sent out an update and we’ve had lots of people asking what we are doing and […]

An update from cow’d Lancashire

2014 Trip We set off on 11 April 14 and arrived home 4 months later on 18 August 14.  So far, we have covered a […]

2014 Trip Statistics

After a wonderful time in Austria and just as we thought our luck had changed for the better. The worst week of our travels, things went […]

Heading Home

Friday 11 April: Home to Calais We checked and then double checked everything before climbing in to our new mobile home…Homer the Hymer. We waved […]

Here We Go: Trip 2014