Nail Salon: Trimming Dog Nails

Trim my nails please mum.

Trim my nails please mum.

Tonight, Mac n Tosh got all nice and relaxed and I slowly but surely nestled in for their first pedicure.

Preparing your pup

For the last few weeks, I have been holding their paws and gently filing their nails. This not only helped keep the ‘ouch’ out of the razor sharp nails but it also allowed them to get used to me holding their paws.

I find the key when I want to ‘groom’ them is keeping them relaxed and calm, I learnt this with our last dog, Peanut. Once they were chilled, I slowly placed one of them on my lap. I find that having them relax on their back with their head in my lap then all 4 paws are in the air helps enormously. Once chilled and comfortable I started to file the nail as normal. Then I slowly introduced the nail clippers trimming just tiny amounts from the end of the nail. As you would expect they occasionally raised their head to check out the action but as soon as they realised everything was OK (with the odd belly tickle, of course) they drifted off back in to their doggy dreams.

By taking off just the tips it meant I did not need to worry about cutting too much off. It also gave Mac n Tosh a positive 1st pedicure, which means they will let me do it again. The more they get confident with a nail trim, the more I get confident too in making sure I do not cut the dreaded ‘quick’ so win win for all of us.

Once I had trimmed the tips I gave them a little file with sand paper and then finally rewarded them both with lots of praise, a couple of treats and a big thank you.

With all the walking I am hoping Mac n Tosh will naturally trim their nails but if they need a little help now then I can trim as necessary.  As we will be travelling it will be easier for us to trim their nails then visit an international vet practice that we don’t have an established relationship with.

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