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Old boat hull on the bay.

Just for Joanne, a colourful HDR piccy

Well I needed some internet access to send Joanne some files and to upload the past few days blog entries, so I decided to move to an area where I could get a wifi signal.  I’ll go to Alta via the Alta museum which is a UNESCO site and has some ancient rock carvings. I will get some info and return when Joanne gets back.  Well that the plan anyway. I set off and just around the corner from last nights stop was a petrol station with full motorhome services and even hot water.  You could also park at the back of the fuel station too as it is located near a small pier. Not as nice as the previous place but here is the GPS Position: 70.04140, 22.95270 in the town of Talvik.

I topped Vin up a bit and put a wash on in the back and set off again. About 12km before Alta was a sign to the Turpitz museum (WWII German battleship). When I was at the Mercedes dealers, Knut the service guy mentioned it to me so I thought I would investigate. After a couple of kilometres it appeared so I pulled in. It’s very small, about the size of a tennis court. I walked in to ask about times and prices.  Inside was very small just photographs, the odd uniform and that’s about it. Needless to say I didn’t walk around as it was 100 Nok but if its your cup of tea then its open daily 8am-5pm but you’ve been warned.

The museum overlooks a fjord and I could see some campers on the other side so that would be my next port of call. 2.5km later and the area looks like it might have been a massive stone/rock quarry. Now popular with Norwegians and Finns for fishing.  There are tonnes of space to stay as the area is huge and I would imagine its a great place overlooking the fjord when the weathers good, but as it wasn’t, everything was gloomy and very wet. GPS Position: 69.92382, 23.02196

I spun the clothes off after there soak and set off again towards Alta museum. 10 mins later I arrive, time to peg the washing up in the van, let the dogs out for a potty visit and get some info about the place.

8pm magically came around so I had a walk around, guess what, it just so happens that at 8pm the place closes but the walkway around the stone carvings does not close. A free visit beckoned. The normal price is 105 Nok. Well I’ll save the details and piccys for when Joanne visits the place as she’ll do a better job of the writeup than me. I have another HDR image for you, well Joanne actually, this was on the bay, below the museum or should I say along the museum walk (the route along the stones is about 2km in total).

After my walk it was TV on, watch film, go to bed.

GPS Position: 69.92382, 23.02196

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