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Its Sunday, time to leave our little patch at Las Palmas and head over to Porto Torres. Mac’s lump has not changed in any shape or form for the last few days and I am getting worried. We want to go to the vets in Porto Torres and be there for first thing on Monday morning when they open.

The drive through the countryside is tranquil. The hilltops begin to close in, as Craig hauls the motorhome round a dizzying succession of hairpin bends. The colour of the countryside change from olive green to dusty grey, its been a while since these lands had a decent rainfall. Occasionally we see shepherds loitering, waiting for their folk but mostly the road is empty. Curling round dark and craggy outcrops with eagles circulating above, then falling steeply down through wheat fields and grasses meadows in search of a bite to eat.

In the distance a red and white striped power tower. Our journey winds closer and closer until we drive through the end of the electricity plant. To one side stands the tall shell of the generating station and to the other a modern complex of office buildings. It is the first industrial section on Sardinia and it feels rather odd. But a half mile or so beyond stretched across an azure blue coastline and bordered by promenades and palm trees, Porto Torres.

We drive along the front and find numerous parking spots but opt for the motorhome parking by the ferry terminal. Its a two minutes walk in to the centre and marina. There are a number of parks and green areas where you can spend a few hours walking. But today, the town has some sort of motorbike competition. We are not really sure what they are doing but it looks like bikers are doing stunts in the middle of the street. The crowds love it but Mac n Tosh really aren’t keen on the noise, so we wander off the main road and in to the centre of town. Its pretty quiet and not really a shopping or browsing type of place but our slow pace draws out time.

Our Bumble free parking at Porto Torres GPS position: N040.839184, E008.396648

At sunset we drive over to one of the quieter parking bays just on the outskirts of town. After our evening meal we snuggle down and watch a movie. A couple of hours pass and just as we are ready for bed the music starts. Unbeknown to us the quiet cafe at the side of is turns in to a raving nightclub. Thankfully, earlier we spotted a few other parking spots, so we relocate with little hassle.

The next morning, we make our way to the vets. After a short wait the vet examines Mac and we discuss options. The vet feels a biopsy is the best solution then we know for sure what we are dealing with. Mac is so brave and never whimpers. The vet made numerous incisions in an attempt to obtain some cells but he struggled as the lump is quite hard. Finally on the last try he managed to get a few cells. Now its a case of waiting until Friday for the results.

We headed back to the motorhome and after big cuddles for Mac we compiled a plan for the remainder of the week. First Lidl then diesel and GPL before heading over to Le Saline. By the time we reach a lovely big car park right near the beach, the weather has started to change. Grey storm clouds lurk on the horizon and chilling off shore winds pick up speed. Despite the change in weather we all feel like a bit of fresh air. I take Mac n Tosh for a walk along the beach whilst Craig goes for a scoot on the motorbike.

Our Bumble free parking at Le Saline GPS position: N040.904240, E008.234324

Le Saline beach is located in the Gulf of Saline about 4 kilometres south of Stintino. The pristine pebbled beach and clear waters are desolate and not a soul around. There are two decent looking beach bars. One bar is already boarded up for the winter and the other is in the final stages of disassembling the wooden pagoda. We walk along the beach towards a small ruined tower passing sections of marsh land.

An information board tells us the beach is named after the ancient salt mines just down the road but Mac n Tosh don’t care. Whilst I am happily reading away they tootle off for a play in the mud. Next thing I see them rolling around in rotten fish guts. I scream at the top of my voice “no” but its too late they are caked in honking crap. I drag them over to the sea and wash them down the best I can. I gag at the stench and nearly throw up when Tosh tries to share his eau de fish.

We all arrive back at the same time as Craig and just as the heaven open. I am tempted to leave the dogs outside to rinse off the smell of fish guts but their little faces make me melt. I cant. One by one I wash them down in the shower and rub them dry. I’m a sucker, I know!

That night, we rock and roll as the storm shakes us about but Vin keeps his tyres firmly on the ground.

The following morning the storm still howls across the sand and its a good excuse for a pyjama morning. Lazy days by the seaside! By mid afternoon, the storm passes and we take a ride out to the Cape, La Pelosa. The beach with its shallow turquoise waters and white sands, is a Sardinian oasis but it can get crowded during peak season. Even today with high winds it is still pretty crowded. Just a boat ride away is Asinara, the island which was once a high security prison and home to many secrets of Italy’s recent history. It’s now a national park of great environmental value which you can reach by ferry or if you are feeling brave, hire a wind surf.

That evening, we moved a little further down the beach off the beaten track. Le Saline beach is about 9 kilometers long and runs all the way to Passano. Head north passed down the dirt track, passed the marshes and you will find a small section of beach. Apart from the odd clumps of dried seaweed, its pretty much an ideal, secluded beach.

Our Bumble free parking at Possano GPS position: N040.891556, E008.248459

The following day we half enjoyed a relaxing on the beach playing with the dogs. The storm had cleared the air and blue skies, clear water and a nice temperature of 29 made it a rather pleasant day.

The problem with chill time is it gives you time to think. Great when your head is in a good place but not so good when you mind goes in to overdrive. With Mac’s test results getting closer and closer I couldn’t help but think ‘what if’. All the time Mac just ran around playing on the beach like nothing was wrong. It was like a day of emotions, up and down. I can’t wait for Friday

Since writing this post we have arrived back in the UK. A little sooner than planned but we will update the blog with our last few days posts as soon as we can.

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