Welcome to Our Bumble Travels in a motorhome.

Our Bumble is a travel blog following Craig, Joanne and two dachshunds Mac ‘n’ Tosh ( see About Us for more) as we travel around Europe in a motorhome called Vin.

We have had a bit of a swap round on the site so hopefully things are easier to find and grouped together better, we are still improving these features so bare with us but we should be finished soon (it’s time consuming when you don’t no how everything works.)

Our site offers you Country Guides, Practical How To Guides, Money Saving Tips, information on Traveling with Pets, GPS Positions and Links to useful things like Wild Camping spots, Equipment Reviews and Guest Interviews from other campers and motorhomes.

Here are a few photos to wet your appetite or get started with our 2014, 2015 or 2016 trips.

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Just one of our wild camping spots, this one is in Italy.

Just one of our wild camping spots, this one is in Italy.