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12 months motorhome Living: 2015 Trip

We set off on 8 December 14 and arrived home 1 year later on 2 December 15.  So far, we have covered a total of 15,328 kilometres or 9,524 miles over 360 days.  Travelling an average of 43 km per day with the longest journey being 468 km.

We have travelled to and visited 12 countries and consumed 2,238 litres of diesel from 41 fuel stations with an average of 20 mpg.

We’ve filled our LPG bottles 32 times and used 656 litres of gas to heat our home, run the fridge and freezer, hot water, oven, grill, hob and last but not least our BBQ at an average cost of €0.91 per day.

We have paid 6 tolls, tunnels and mountain passes, 2 ferries and 7 flights.  We’ve had 1 break in 1 bump and 1 oops when the garage door flew off at 2,425 m above sea level.

Overnight, we have stayed on 45 campsites or aires but we have grown to love wild camping and spent 315 nights where ever the road takes us.

163 supermarket sweeps and  32 evenings of fine dining.

A total of 223 days with nothing but sunshine, 86 overcast days, 17 mixed and only 34 days of rain.

So how much has it cost…€8,438.18 excluding insurance, service and road tax but includes any European repair bills.  Click here to see the breakdown on our costs

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9 thoughts on “2015 Motorhome Trip Statistics

  • Katrina Lucy

    Is it possible to access the costs breakdown? I have tried to download it on the link, but it asks for a WordPress login, i tried to register for, but didn’t get very far…thanks Katrina

      • Katrina Lucy

        Great, thanks, I think i have them now. My partner is currently working on me to go ‘now’. My only reservation is financial, as in all probability once I pack in work, I will neither be inclined or able to get a job working at the level I am now. Trying to save as much as I can, how much do I need for ever…. Are you just using savings and do you have a plan, vauge idea as to how long you are going to be on the road for?

        • Bumble Crew Post author

          Hi Katrina, you are not alone in your thinking. I am a qualified accountant and leaving a career I had worked hard for was extremely difficult. Not to mention cutting the ties with a good salary and regular income. It is not easy…it is one of the toughest decisions to make, so you have my sympathy.

          We are using a mixture of things. Interest from savings, income from investment and a bit of capital if we need it. Will it last us until retirement, I hope so but you never know what is around the corner.

          I used to plan all the time but now, I don’t bother. We have a huge bucket list of things we want to do and each year we try and achieve some of them. We will continue to travel as long as we enjoy it and right now, we are loving it (after 3 years), so fingers crossed it continues.

          Hope that helps


          • Katrina Lucy

            Hi Joanne,
            thanks for your reply and words of encouragement! It really is a complete life and mind set change and getting your head round the concept of ‘dropping out’ is a challenge. Do I take it from what you have said, you are not planning on going back to world of work again? Can I also ask what did you do with your house while you are away?

            The stats are just for 2015, presume you are doing the same exercise for 2016? Are your figures in a similar realm, apart of course from the Vin repair bill?

            Keep up the posts, we read with interest and envy and you never know our paths may cross on the road one day!


          • Katrina Lucy

            thanks – my partner, who lived in Norway for 10 years, has expressed surprise that your daily figures while in Norway, (presume these are included in your latest stats?) have not changed much as Norway is such an expensive country with many toll roads and bridges. Sorry if I ask lots of enquiring questions, as you truely appreciate it is such a life changing decision that you want to be sure you get your ducks in a row. 🙂
            I am thinking of the options of renting my house out, which clearly will provide an income although does limit my options to return, whenever we want…
            Katrina x