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Church on route

Church on route

The air was a little tense in camp, I feel a storm brewing, so after breakfast we cracked on in solitude preparing Vin for take off. I washed up, checked all the cupboards whilst Craig emptied the toilet and the grey tank. Together we then filled Vin with icy water. Passing each other like strangers in the night as we walked back and forth to the water tap.

We drove on through Jostedalsbreen national park, a landscape of mountains, glaciers, valleys and fjords. Craig and I struggled to have a decent word to each other, so I spent the remainder of our drive in a moody silence and Craig with a face like thunder. A shame when all around us are scenic walks as well as a bird lovers paradise but we are here to see the glacier. I do find glaciers rather interesting but at the same time time I do find them a bit spooky. The thought that a glacier can move and grow on a large scale and with such might, it is pretty scary. Jostedalsbreen is mainland Europe largest glacier with lots or arms or tongues, so it should be pretty good.

In Olden, we reached the end of todays road in every sense. It was a long day.

I managed to channel a bit of my free time in to completing a write up our power banks as well as a little bit more studying for my course work. Hopefully, things will be back to normal tomorrow. (We didn’t have internet connection yesterday, so a bit late posting the blog but let you in to a little secret, we kissed and made up…yeah! We also have a good wifi connection, so we hoping to upload loads of video’s)

Our sleepy spot, Olden

Our sleepy spot, Olden

Our sleep spot tonight..small pier, which is used by a few local fishermen. Lovely view across the water but guess it might be a stormy night!

GPS position N061.838373 and E006.801254

Route: Vassegden to Olden

Weather: Low 10 and high 24…sunny with storm clouds!

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