Bathroom Bits & Bobs

Shampoo, condition and soap dispenser – we use a pears body wash containers. They are oval but flat front and back with a hook on top. Use 3 suction hooks to hang them in the shower cubicle, not only handy to use but you can leave in the cubicle when travelling and they don’t slide about.

Shower Hose Clip – When Jo went home I asked her to bring back one of my diving clips, the idea was it would be used to clip the shower hose together to stop it swinging around whilst we are driving. Sadly she forgot/lost it (typical) so I had to improvise a little. I found a knackered folding deck chair and removed the little plastic feet that wrap around the tubing. Tied two together with some black bungie and Voila! One make shift hose connector for the shower hose.

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