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I woke up early as the seagulls never relented. The clouds are still covering the mountains and today it’s northwards again. I’ll be leaving the Norwegian Sea behind and passing by the Barents Sea. This is the famous “Northeast Passage route towards China” The land region changes from Troms to Finnmark and hopefully a bit of sun would be nice. This weeks midnight sun has been more of a midnight cloud and rain so I’m keeping my fingers crossed things brighten up.

I spoke to Joanne this morning and sadly her friends husband died last night so a very sad time. I am so glad Joanne managed to get home when she did and I know she will be doing what she can to help Susan.

Not much again today, just driving along the coast stopping occasional for a quick caffeine top up. One little stop was pretty though but the lighting wasn’t so good as you can see from the pictures below. The road continues with reindeer appearing every so often on the hillside although at one point it nearly ended up on a plate as a couple reindeer just ran out in front of me.

I turned another headland and spotted a place to stop just below the main road. With it’s own little pebbly cove and nothing else to do, I figured I would stop for the day.  After all I have a few days yet before Joanne gets back, so I’ll pad out my journey with a night here. The pebble beach has a small waterfall at one end and a fishing hut at the other.  Some small huts have been built for the public so they can have a fire etc and by the end of the day there were four of us all parked up admiring the drizzle. The tide line left loads of fish skeletons behind, some of which were well over a metre long. Not what they serve in the chippy near me!

I got bored (I am no good as a solo traveller) so took a couple of piccys even though it was raining to set the scene. A couple are HDR images if you like that sort of thing. Joanne is addicted to them and would have me do it on all photos. Just in case you don’t know what HDR (High dynamic range) is, it’s the process of combining the same photo taken at different exposures to get the maximum amount of detail. So in the one shown I took one set at normal exposure, one under exposed for the highlights (the sky) and one over exposed for the shadows (the boulders) and combine them together in some software.

Boredom kicked in again so I washed the van even though it was raining. I donned my wellies, placed one bucket near the front of the van where the rain was running off and with another bucket in hand. I made my way to the waterfall where it met the sea. Bucket filled with fresh water (the sea water would have dried greasy. I returned to the van and washed Vin down. The other bucket had now filled so I finished off the wheels etc. The rain would rinse him down. I barely even got wet and walked into the sea to wash the wellies, switched to my Crocs and called it quits.

A Finnish caravan was to my left, containing as you may have guessed a Finnish couple, they had there evening meal on a BBQ under one of the huts so I figured I would ask then about Finland. Where to visit, east or west etc. With a mental note of questions in my head I walked over, smiled and asked If they spoke English, both heads smiled back but indicated a no, sadly my ability to count to ten in French and say good morning in German would not help me out on this one. They also probably thought “it’s that mad English man washing in the rain, just keep quiet”

GPS Position: 70.05416, 22.98381 near the town of Asen.

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