Fix a busted tap

First off the dam tap broke again. This has happened before in Portugal, the microswitch or more accurately the wires to the microswitch snap inside the tap because of a piss poor design. They basically get bent back and forth until they break. The last time it happened we got an engineer to fix it and they replaced the microswitch. I did however keep an eagle eye on him whilst he did it and bought a spare switch just incase it happened again.

A couple of screwdrivers out of the toolbox and some insulation tape needed. To remove the tap and access the wiring just push a small screwdriver into the hole at the rear of the tap handle, The handle then just pulls off, the inner knob is held in place by a single screw. I just removed the switch and peeled back a bit of wire where it had snapped and taped the two ends together again.

Sadly i’ve no soldering iron so that’s the best I can do for now. I’ll change the taps insides slightly when we get home so it will never happen again and I’ll replace the whole microswitch when it can no longer be repaired this way. Plus it saves about €40 each time it happens.

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