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Orthodox Church

Orthodox Church

After a leisurely morning in Tallinn we set off east towards the Russian border. We had hoped to venture in to Russia for a few days to visit the country and our friend but visa requirements currently take several months. Somethings are not meant to be until next time!

Once out the city the roads system got a little confusing. Whilst the roads were in a good state they had little, if any, road markings and so junctions provided uncertainly on who had right of way. Fortunately the roads were very quiet and almost abandoned.

Lahemaa National Park

Kasmu Boulders

We entered Lahemaa National Park and drove down the small country roads until we reached the headland. We parked up on the very small village car park on the edge of a forest trail. Off we went with Mac n Tosh for an afternoon stroll. A very beautiful walk too with sunlight filtering through the foliage and the fresh smell of pine all around. Off the forest trail and we popped out on to the calm waters of the Baltic, which made for a lovely setting as we looked out to odd clusters of large boulders in the shallow shoreline. We followed the path towards the village passing numerous hiking trails and more boulders.

The village of Kasmu is only small and when you look around at the grand wooden mansions and lush gardens it is clearly is an affluent area. We wandered in and around when we noticed a load of life jackets in the back of someone’s garden. As we walked by it became apparent this was the maritime school. A small plaque informed us the school was established in 1884 to support the once thriving shipbuilding centre and winter harbour.  Between WW1 and WW2 62 captains set up home here until the area was wiped out by the Soviets and the families sent to Siberia.

Around the corner, a small museum set in what we can only assume is someone’s house but the collection of odd bric a brac around the garden and in the sheds made for a more interesting mooch. Mac n Tosh seemed more interested in chasing off the placid red setter.

Kasmu Museum

Kasmu Museum

On the way back we walked through a small complex. At first we thought it may be chalets but with a small children’s play area, a tiny school, community hall, cafe etc we think it may be a small residential commune. Hard to say but certainly interesting.

Time for a quick check up now we have wifi and lovely to see Adam & Alice have set off on their trip to Norway.  Here’s hoping they have a fantastic time.

The national park is over 70% trees and home to a thriving population of bears, wolves and lynx…and of course, biting flies. Once night falls there is little noise other than the rustle of trees and a wild imagination that something is lurking in the forest.

Bumble Verdict: beautiful unspoilt countryside and well worth a look.

Our sleepy spot: on the village of Kasmu museum car park surrounded by trees and wildlife.

Wild Camping GPS position N059.456666 E024.808800

Route: Tallinn to Kasmu

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    Your on cue again ,have you got a stop watch ,nearly every day it’s almost at the same time ,but I’m half an hour late in replying Just been watching Justin Rose win the Gold Medal at GOLF in the Olypics ,I did ok today got another 3 rd not bad for pops ,Glad everything is going ok for you ,but it’s a pity you couldn’t venture into Russia,never mind times on your side ,there’s always a next time for you ,Glad the dudes are behaving & enjoying I’ll buy them loads of pigs ears when they come home,Until next time loads of luv DADxxx woof woof xxx