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A walk along Voss waterfront

A walk along Voss waterfront

First order of the day, a little bit of admin including topping up the currency card whilst tucking in to fresh baked bread fully loaded with raspberry jam. With lips licked off we set for a stroll in to Voss.

Voss Church

Voss Church

We tootled along the waters edge, kicking stones and watching the world go by. Like everywhere in Norway it was so quiet just a handful of people here and there. It was a typical laid back Norwegian resort and even with the sun beaming down, the children were playful in a well manner and low key way. I got thinking about Norway and decided I don’t like it here, I simply love it. Not only a beautiful country but the people, so welcoming and friendly. It is certainly a place I would revisit over and over, again. By the time I had stopped day dreaming we had arrived at Voss centre. We walked over to the church and to our surprise, it was closed. That is something I really don’t get in Norway, why do they lock all the churches? Surely, the door to god’s house should always be open? The sleepy main street had a nice selection of cafes, restaurants and sports shops, all closed with the exception of the kebab hut. A quick stop at the cash machine and then a walk back to Vin.

Motorbike ride around Voss Lake

Motorbike ride around Voss Lake

Whilst the second batch of clothes dried we went for a ride on Eor around the lake. It was beautiful with lush green hills dotted with waterfalls and streams and the odd wooden house with blooming gardens. What a place to live. We met a lovely Norwegian chap on his way to the shop with his young daughter. It was so nice to hear him talk about his country with such passion and appreciation, he clearly loved where he lived and he new and appreciated its natural beauty.

The temperature was climbing and our gauge showed 34! Yep, 34. We expected it to be nice but we never expected it to be so warm. We feel very lucky with the weather. We fancied sitting out but we are surrounded in mosquitos and I am mean surrounded. We still covered in 101 bites from the other day and suffering, so opted to move on and find another spot.

Voss waterfall

Voss waterfall – Joanne at the bottom

We headed north and within a few miles we spotted a huge waterfall. Fortunately, the hordes of Japanese tourist were just leaving. We pulled over, took a walk over and enjoyed a nice cool refreshing spray curtesy of the gussing waterfall. Mac n Tosh were in rather a playful mood, as ever and they darted in and out of the rock trying to eat the fine mist. Jumping in the air and snapping their mouth shut in the hope they caught something tasty to chew. The fact they caught nothing totally confused them but pups being pups they carried on until the playful mood passed and it was time to head back to the motorhome.

We continued and then spotted Vik. Ooooeerr that is a name we remember. A week or so ago we met a lovely couple (Rasmus and Tone) who shared some of their favourite motorhome drives and Vik mountain pass was on that list. We did a quick left turn and followed the route. A few wiggles passed plenty waterfalls then up a bit further until we reached the ski resort and hotel. It all looked a little strange without tons of snow but surprising still a few tourists around. We paused a while and then carried on. Craig had a feeling this route would present a great wild camping spot. We carried on with the view just getting better and better….Far above, high up on the mountain pass squeezed in to a narrow valley is a whopping great waterfall with a fast flowing stream. Not a soul around only sheep. We found a little peace of heaven, it is absolutely beautiful and one of the best hidden gems this year. What looked more interesting is the road ahead, wow.

Tomorrow's challenge - check out the road to the left

Tomorrow’s challenge – check out the zzz road to the left!

We parked up, stretch our legs and enjoyed nature at its best!

Our sleep spot tonight..a valley in the middle of the VikFjellet. Surrounded by rugged hills, waterfalls, streams and sheep that fancy a bit of mint sauce.

GPS position N060.892744, E006.495689

Route: Voss to Myrkalen

Weather: Low 12 and high 34…breaking out in a sweat! In Norway?

Our sleep spot

Our sleep spot

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9 thoughts on “Chasing Waterfalls to Vikafjellet Mountain Pass

  • colin newby

    Spent maybe 6 weeks in Voss in 75 and 76 on a government contract (OK I was in the army! )beautiful place, Hangar mountain and ski lift, wonderful Apres Ski too. Will get back one day, but the Mossies are a pest like Scotland can be.

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Really Colin, well I dont thunk it has changed much, still very beautiful. Chatting to a local and he told us they have just pulled down the ski lift and getting ready to build another.
      Not heard from you in a while, lovely to hear from you. Joanne x x

  • Pauline

    Hi Joanne another beautiful post and a beatiful country defo one to add to the list for us , and another question from me How does the currency card work ? Hope you don’t mind me asking all these questions …Pauline x

    • Our Bumble Crew

      I certainly dont mind Pauline.
      You apply for your card and you can have two cards linked to one account.
      You log on, select your curency and then transfer the money from bank or debit card.
      You can check the forex rate anytime
      Once complete you can either draw the money from cash machine or pay for goods like you would on your visa.
      Easy and simple and it has multiple currencies too.
      At end of trip you can transfer all back to sterling, if you want.
      I have a link somewhere, I will check and post for you. Joanne x x x

  • Robert Ellis

    Sent one reply,gut it says I’ve given wrong address,Hope you have a good night sleep near the waterfall It seems you’re fell in Love with Norway& Sweden but not the mosquitos,rub some disinfectant on your arms or Lemon they won’t like that,Keep on enjoying