Heat Wave in Santa Land & The End of Nightless Nights 6 Comments

The world's busiest post office


2016-07-25-at-00-00-01-RovaniemiThe nightless nights are sadly coming to an end, as today we crossed the Arctic Circle marker, the southernmost line at which the midnight sun can be viewed. The point, which the sun never sets in midsummer, nor does it ever rise in the pitch black of midwinter.

2016-07-25 at 21-42-25-RovaniemiWe are also at the world’s most busiest post office, we are at Santa Land! As a big kid that never grows up, I am so excited to be at Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle. The official place of the chap who brought me loads of presents when I was a little girl. The village is open all year round and we skipped around the site with Mac n Tosh trotting along behind. There is no snow but instead a Finnish heatwave! The guide book says this place never goes above 10 in summer but today, we have a whopping 34 on the counter and climbing. It is scorching.


2016-07-25 at 21-42-30-Rovaniemi2016-07-25-at-00-00-01-RovaniemiThe village has a number of separate wooden building spread over a compact area. Some relate to santa whilst others are more of a commercial set up like Lapland estate agent. Some of the shops might be corny and commercialised but they are well stocked. You can shop in the outlet centre, in a number of elegant shops or in a small mall with individual local trader shops. Overall they seem to offer a good selection of handicraft, trinkets and local savouries and all at reasonable prices. Everything from Christmas baubles, reindeer skins, local Sami goods, engraved knives, unique jewellery and handcrafted pinewood toys. Whether they increase in peak season, we don’t know.

2016-07-25-at-00-00-01-RovaniemiDotted all over the village are information points where you can buy certificates to prove that you’ve been north of the Arctic Circle or to Lapland. You can also mail postcards from here with a special Santa and Arctic Circle postmark…wonder if the postman makes a visit.

Next to the post office, we joined the line of ‘adults’ queuing to see santa! Maybe we will visit tomorrow when its a little quieter.


2016-07-25-at-00-00-01-RovaniemiAfter walking around and around or should I say dragging Craig around and around we made our way around the rear of the village to see the reindeer park and the husky centre (closed for repairs). The village is free to park (including overnight) and enter but you pay for each attraction, sadly most of the attractions like reindeer sleigh are only open in winter.

2016-07-25 at 21-44-30-RovaniemiExhausted from all the festive season I did a few chores (excellent free wifi) and Craig had a scoot around on Eor the motorbike.2016-07-25-at-00-00-01-Rovaniemi

Our wild camping spot tonight is Santa Claus’s back garden besides the worlds most famous post office but with 24 hours of daylight, no twinkly fair lights.

Wild Camping GPS position N066.544353 E025.851465

Route: Vikajarvi to Napaiiri

Weather: Low 14, High 35 hot and humid



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6 thoughts on “Heat Wave in Santa Land & The End of Nightless Nights

  • Robert Ellis

    If only the dogs could talk what a lovely story they could tell,they’ve had a wonderful holiday and a journey of a life time,I’m jealous and they have not finished yet ,lucky little devils ,I’ve just been watching a programme on TV with Ray Mears who does the wild life and adventure programmes and I thought of you four ,he was in Lapland ,some lovely sights. Enjoy whatever you do loads of luv PopsXxx woof woof Dudes xxxbe good

  • ibreevin

    So warm in Santas’ville, who’a thunk it? Can’t wait till we get there too. Great shot of Mac n tosh. Safe travels, kindest, Wayne.

  • Neal

    The heat wave is a worrying aspect of climate change. Some people (ignorant ones) scoff at “global warming”, a wildy inappropriate term if ever there was one, but you guys are actually experiencing climate change as it happens. Enjoy whilst you can.