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Bridge to Barga

Barga is an attractive town that sits on the edge of the Serchio valley. The little walled town with its steep streets paved with stone is the setting for a highly regarded opera festival held in late July and August. Shame we are a few weeks too soon although not sure Craig could sit out an opera.

Our first visit to Barga was quite an experience with the local police, its also where we met our German friends, Peter & Carola who we stay in contact with on a regular basis. One of the best things about travelling is meeting people and making long term friendships. Peter and Carola like in the beautiful Black Forest, Germany, an stunning region especially during winter.


Barga Sosta

We went to park on the sosta next to the town park (€10 for 24 hours) but it was sectioned off for grass and hedge trimming. Where now? Craig noticed at the end of the sosta a concrete section. A quick walk over revealed its were the Italians park their motorhomes for free. We’ll have some of that, thank you and put the €10 to our pizza fund.

Our Bumble free sosta at Barga GPS position: for N044.071919, E010.481298

Pre Bouffant.

Craig fancied a day of sorting out his garage and all his bits and bobs, so I had a walk in to town. I wandered up and down the mini high street, ah ah I thought. Shall I go and get my hair trimmed?. Ever since our trip to Thailand I have a well known fear of international hairdressers. It is here were my long flowing locks were totally destroyed within a nano second. The martial art scissor hand woman chopped my hair to within an inch of my scalp. I was stunned, mortified and utterly destroyed for months. I now only trust Mr Jazz man with my hair but he’s miles away..then that little voice in my head shouts “go conquer your fear you softy”

So I find a modern and stylist salon. Umm, I thought, looks OK, fancy display and L’Oréal stickers, must be reasonable. I walk inside “ciao, do you speak English?”. A prompt reply “No”. Oh I thought, what now. I grabbed my hair and pretended to cut it. “Ah, si si” followed by a full blown of Italian conversation to which I have no idea what she said. And like a daft muppet I nodded, followed her and sat in the chair.

Next minute, a Bet Lynch look a like shuffled over. Without saying a word, I grabbed my hair and demonstrated cutting a tiny amount of hair. Bet nodded, threw a towel around me and stuck my head under the tap. Whoosh…I just knew life would never been the same.

With sweaty palms I sat perfectly still as Bet trimmed my hair. Her blunt scissors occasionally snagging. I sat there petrified whilst she popped gum and pretended she could cut hair. The salon was more like a funeral parlour with a nail bar. A pair of stern looking women in nylon frocks and aprons sat staring silently into space.

After a time I realised there was another customer, alone in a dark corner. She was baking under one of the old fashioned hairdryers or if not, that was one hell of a beehive. Bet finished my hair and I briskly walked home with boufont barnet. Craig’s stunned look followed by “its a bit boufonty but at least it will grow” said it all. Within minutes I’d washed my hair. restyled my ‘helmet’ cut and found a paper bag to stick over my head (no photo’s of me for a week or two).

Barga Village

The following morning we took a walk around Barga. We had a look around, exploring the maze of alleyways in the old quarter just off Guglielmo Marconi. It was quiet and much smaller than we remembered. We looked in every shop window, they were far from well-stocked. We continued up the cobbled steps to the old church or dummo. Dignified and white but inside, empty bar the remains of a pulpit. The church of San Christoforo is fronted by a terrace that provides a huge panorama of rooftops, mountains and villa-spotted hills (click to enlarge).

We then returned to Vin and relaxed in our deckchairs with an Italian espresso and amaretti biscuit. With time on our hands maybe we should have a look at the map and decide where next.

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20 thoughts on “Hair Raising Experience in Barga

  • Clunegapyears

    I used to have a power crop and like you, would not let anyone touch it except Robert and that involved a 95 mile drive each way! Now I have an annual hair cut and have let it grow long …. so easy. Won’t go grey though!

  • Keith

    Jo, As Maria will be looking for a hairdresser in Italy to have her hair done for Matthew & Anita’s wedding, I think I will keep your experience to myself. Keith

  • Nick

    Lovely view of the Pannia, can see my mums house as well in Verni on the right. Enjoy your time in Garfagnia. We will hopefull be travelling out there next year in our Moho when we get it.

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      I used to trim Craig’s hair with the clippers but after a few years on the road he has developed a knack. He now trims the ‘mass’ and I tweak the edges. Maybe I need a long haired clipper?

  • Robert Ellis

    Looks quite nice there ,pity you couldn’t find a good Hairdresser ,next time let Craig have a go,if he can drill pineapples,I’m sure he could give you Short back & sides Lidl or Aldi may sell Wigs he he it’s not funny,but at least it will grow again ,Get that Coin out again heads or Tails which place Next ? Have a couple of Vinos ,you’ll be ok Loads of Luv Popsxxx Mac n Tosh woof woof xxx aradevetche xxx

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Craig is a perfectionist, so you can guarantee he would trim one side. Then the other. Then a little bit more off..then a little bit more…I would end up with a monks cap knowing my luck lol

  • Gordon MacKenzie

    I cut my wife’s hair in Spain last year ……I was a bit drunk really but her curly red locks bounced perfectly and she reckons it’s as good a hair do as she’s had…….cost nothing, kitchen scissors ……whew !
    Maybe get your other half to do it ……probably work out ok !!
    Love your blog, crackin pics and admire your fearless endeavours xx

  • Barrie Clarke

    Hi to you all.
    If you’re that worried about your hair Jo let Craig have a go he couldn’t do any worse LOL but the bag looks fine you would never know they had made a mess. Hope you are all well and enjoying it all even with the hair. We are in Wales again drowning bits of luncheon meat and the like. Lots of love MIchele, Beau, and the old man keep safe.

  • Russ humphreys

    Great to see you on the road again!
    We’re heading for Spain and Portugal at the end of August (by the time we get that far south I’m hoping it will have cooled down a little) we’ve never got on too well with Spain, we seem to drive past all the good bits and find the dodgy parts😀 hopefully following your recommendations this time will be better.
    I fancy following the Pyrenees, Atlantic to the Mediterranean. Then Portugal then maybe Morocco. We extended our Asia trip so that didn’t happen spring 2017.
    Thanks again for this great blog and your wild camping coordinates😁
    Russ and Marie

    • Bumble Crew Post author

      Hey guys, good go hear from you. We found some brilliant places in Spain but we did sort of stay away from the crowds. Looking forward to following your journey!