Malaga to Torrox Costa

Monday 4 May to Saturday 16 May

Well Joanne has gone and left me again, she’s nipped back to the UK for some more tests and to give the worlds largest urine sample apparently. The last night before here flight home we stayed just outside of Malaga Airport, actually it was on the border between Torremolinos & Malaga and with the amount of cars doing drive buys in the morning it was probably Spain’s answer to a dogging site, needless to say we didn’t bother with the GPS position.

Joanne flight was delayed by about an hour so I parked up on an Ikea car park of all places until she got off. Joannes gone, motorhome alone again, Peanuts not much company these days, all he does is sleep, eat and 1&2’s so I headed back towards Nerja were we stayed earlier. It has everything I need i.e. water and a Lidl. about 15km before getting there I drove into a town called Torrox Costa, this will do for a couple of days, so I asked a policeman if it was OK to park up as all the towns I passed through that morning all had signs saying no campers are allowed overnight. The Policeman didn’t speak much English but he said no problems so I parked up next the Iberostar Hotel and sat there bored for two days watching Top Gear and drinking expensive Rosé wine at €0.59 a litre. (Joanne wouldn’t approve of me getting shit faced).

Torrox Costa 1 GPS Position: N36.732471, W-3.972751

The Police drove passed a few times but never said anything, I started to feel that I had maybe overstayed my welcome, time to get off my arse and find a new spot. I walked down the promenade and at one end were a few campers parked up but a sigh saying “no camping allowed” directly behind them, You could park on the street though but the spot wasn’t floating my boat so I walked to the other end of the promenade.

A lighthouse, in fact a lighthouse with parking behind it right on the beach, not the best beach in town but beggars can’t be choosers. This will do nicely, I even found a water supply that’s meant to water the plants but it can water me for a few days too.

The town itself is OK, nice front, average beaches, a few shops but more supermarkets than soft Mick and it’s seems quite popular with the Spanish and Germans with the odd Brit thrown in.

Now it’s time for the glorious task of doing the bedding and turn the dashboard into a what looks like an Arabs Harem as it all dries out, still at least I can top up my water tanks once the Geraniums have had a drink.

Well it’s now Saturday, I decided to leave Torrox Costa last night, A few too many vans appeared and spoiled the view, I am now back in Nerja just up the coast, parked in exactly the same spot as when we were here last week, I’m still bored out of my tree though but at least this town is nicer than Torrox Costa.

Parking at Nerja. Enter from the Towns end of the beach.

Parking at Nerja. Enter from the Towns end of the beach.

Nerja GPS Position: N36.742996, W-3.889626

No doubt Joanne has mentioned my complete inability to stop, sit down and relax. I have spent all morning walking up and down the dusty road next to the beach, stoping at each end to wash the dust off my feet then start again, nipping back to the van every couple of trips to let Peanut out for a pee. Plus the vans getting a good coat of dust now so I can at least waste half a day washing the thing. Everyone else is relaxing in the sunshine and getting a tan whilst I am scratching my head needing something to do. If i am lucky something might break so I can then pass the time fixing the thing again.

There is a boat yard about 300m away and a very loud English voice every so often coming from it, I decided to kill 10 minutes and investigate. I walking into the yard to see lots of dogs with there owners, all of them engrossed watching an English woman power walking around yelling into a headset at the poor dog she was dragging around, her voice amplified and pumped out of a large speaker. It was a very sorry sight, I shook my head and just walked off, something the dog looked like it would rather do too.

The spot I’m parked in very good, the sea is only 50m away, I have the mountains directly behind me, lots of showers on the beach, nice little town centre five minutes walk away, but Jesus it’s dusty, I washed the van as i’d planned but the following morning however guess what? The damn thing looked like it had been through a sand storm, that and the fact I had very little sleep for no good reason has made me go back to Torrox Costa again. Joanne will be back in less than a week so it’s time to move back towards Malaga again. Sadly this place has nothing ancient, historic, or anything else for that matter not a great deal to tell you and even less to photograph.

It’s now Wednesday and i’m still at Torrox Costa, nothings has happened of interest to tell you as I now amuse myself by walking up and down still but at least it’s a nicer beach here and NO DUST, The highlight of the day is watching old people eat ice cream cornets, It always makes me laugh, they all revert to young children and lick it to the extreme and then get it all over their faces just like five year olds.

Peanut waits for his steak.

Peanut waits for his steak.

There is a Mercado supermarket around the corner from me which is even a little cheaper than Lidl for most things, You can buy an eight litre bottle of water for just €0.67 and cans of beer for just €0.22, The extra matured sirloin steaks good value too at less than €11.00 a kilo, So I bought them all and Peanut and I will have a nice tea tonight, I’ve not had steak for a while so i’m looking forward to it, wash it down with a few tinies (the waters for Peanut) whilst watching one of the James Bond movies we have stashed on a hard drive.

Now it’s Friday, I spoke to Joanne yesterday and she’s had some good news from the doctors finally, she’s had a few injections and apparently we need a juicing machine plus she needs to eat lots of red meat for the next few weeks. (yippie, more steak if we can find it) I’ve done sod all again but walk up and down, so still nothing to say to you lovely people other than Joanne’s flight back on Sunday cannot come soon enough.

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