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This weeks inspration comes from Nick who like us, retired early to travel and explore Europe. Nick has the most amazing sense of humour and we just love it when he drops us an email, it guarantees to bring a smile to our when Nick asked to join in, we were delighted!

1. Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Nick Pearce, married for 45 years to the ould doll, Margaret. We’ve lived in a few parts of the UK but settled in our home town of Belfast. Retired early a couple of years ago, sold our big house in Belfast, bought a lovely wee bungalow, out in the sticks, and a motorhome,

2. What sort of motorhome traveller are you?

We too are mainly part time motor homers. Some short stay, where we go all over Ireland, and some long stay. Margaret’s mum is 86 years old and it makes it difficult for us to go for longer periods. Mind you, in our first year we did a seven week jaunt around France and Spain, and this year we did ten weeks mainly in east Europe.

3. When did you first start motor homing and what inspired you to start?

We started in August 2014 after caravanning for about 7 years, the inspiration was mainly the call of the road. To go where no caravan has gone.

4. Tell us about your current motorhome.

We have Helga. She’s a two year old Hobby Premium Drive 70Gl. We went for the two fixed singles because we learnt from our caravanning days, the call of duty during the night with a fuzzy head, doesn’t lend itself to clambering over a comatose body.

5. Where is the best place you’ve visited in motorhome and why?

This is a really hard one. I loved Slovenia because our route took us over the Julian alps, after the stunning Lake Bled. We paused at 4000 + feet to take a photo of the cloud we were in! A bit scary going down the other side but so picturesque. Margaret loved Croatia, especially the area around Bled, where we met some fabulous people and laughed all day. The Romantic Road Germany is also worth a second or tenth visit.

6. Where is the worst place you’ve visited and why?

I detested the commercialism that envelopes the beautiful city of Venice. We don’t do many cities, but had to do this one.

7. What 3 places are on your bucket / wish list?

The Baltic states, but we’re doing that next year, Scandinavia, maybe the following year. And Greece, nearly went this year from Dubrovnik but alas no. The Our Bumble team have reinforced my dream to visit.

8. What things (apart from the obvious) do you always travel with?

Maps, to take the second guessing out of Satnav. One carton of long lasting milk, in case we run out. Happened once. Ipad, phone, her hair drier, empty 5 litre water bottles. To fill as and when. BBQ.

9. If you could share one handy motorhome hint or tip, what would it be?

When reversing, if in doubt, get her out. To check for obstacles.

10. Any finally, what’s your funniest motorhome moment?

We were in a very small town in Spain, and the satshouting and gesticulating got us safely on our way. Oh and we were reversing the wrong way down a one-way street.


If you would like to check out Nick & Margatets blog then click here.

Thanks to Nick (and his ould doll) for their interview and here’s wishing them a wonderful Irish Christmas.

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Hobby Premium Drive 70Gl

Helga: Hobby Premium Drive 70Gl

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6 thoughts on “Meet More Motorhomers: Nick & Margaret

    • Nick Pearce

      Hiya James, on the whole, or on the tyre, the roads were all very good, I think the worst roads so far have not been east, but in Belgium. Naturally the roads nearest to cities were the best, but there was always a noticeable difference, especially on “noise” about thirty kms out. We tend to go the country roads, but the arterial routes are all fine. I think Joanne had an issue with Estonian or Baltic states roads, we’re going up that way next year so cant say yet.

    • Nick Pearce

      Yes Helga is an eye catcher Aaron, thank yo. She likes nothing more than a wee bit of botox in her bonnet, and she’s looking for silicone implants for her bumpers.