Motorhome Safety Tips

Motorhome safety in terms of driving or whilst parked up is something that you learn over time. Driving a huge vehicle with all your possessions in the back takes some getting used to. Overtime and with the proper preparation and practice you will start to feel confident both in your driving ability and leaving your motorhome parked up.  Here are some of our practical safety tips for motorhome travel…

  1. Always keep your doors and windows locked when travelling.  If you pass through an unsafe area and find yourself in slow moving traffic or stuck in a tunnel then you will feel much safer knowing your vehicle entry points are secure.
  2. Be extra vigilant at busy ports or boarder crossing as there can be a lots of migrants or people seeking a better life who will cease the opportunity to hitch a ride if your vehicle is an accessible crossing option for them.
  3. Always park in well lit areas.
  4. Keep an eye on the weather especially in areas which are at high risk of floods. If travelling to the mountains during winter periods check out avalanche warnings.  In summer, be cautious of forest fires.
  5. Service your motorhome or at least carry out the basics like tyres tread, pressure, oil check, coolant and breaks.
  6. Install an alarm.
  7. Attach a ‘general’ alarm sticker to your motorhome. Do not use the manufacturers sticker, if it shows the brand.
  8. Be mindful of low hanging branches and trees when travelling down country lanes.
  9. Know your motorhome measurements, especially height clearance, so you don’t end up doing a 500 point turn at a height restricted bridge.
  10. Keep the motorhome net curtain closed to restrict vision in to the van.
  11. If you are unsure…go with your gut feeling.

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