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Quite a few people have emailed us to ask about the ferry crossings in Norway, so we put this video together.

If you want to visit the fjords then you will need to use a number of ferry crossings. The ferries are only small and tend to take around 20-30 vehicles. No need to book just turn up and join the queue. Sometimes there is a ticket booth but in the main, a conductor will go around all the vehicles collecting the fees. When you board you will be guided in to a specific lane. Very simple and easy to use..enjoy the view!


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7 thoughts on “Norway Ferry Crossing

  • Robert Ellis

    You’ll not be getting much of a holiday doing all these videos etc ,Have a day off ,take Mac nTosh for a walk or a swim loads of LuvDADxxx

  • Steve

    Thanks for the video! Are they strict on the prices and length? i.e you are 7m so do you tell them you are 6.95m and get in the next price bracket down? It seems like the prices are set by the government but its difficult to gauge the average price. . . I am think for you it around £30 a pop for an average length ferry?

    I am trying to get a hang on the kind of ferry and toll costs for a long trip in Norway. . . but I guess I’ll have to wait until you have done an analysis at the end of your trip!



    • Bumble Crew Post author

      The price brackets tend to be, motorbike, car, vehicle up to 6m and then plus 6m. We have completed around 10 ferry crossings and would say the average price is £20 for motorhome, 2 adults and no charge for the dogs. You can actually buy a prepaid ticket which gets you huge discounts off the ferry prices, about 40% we are told. We found out about these too late in the journey but you can pre order or buy at Esso stations. I cant remember the name, something like fjord ferries. Think the first load is about £200 thought but certainly worth looking in to. If I remember the name I will send over.

      • sarahcrofts66

        Just a note to say that the pre-pay ferry system requires a Norwegian bank account for any balance to be paid back into.

        From what I can gather the initial ‘load’ is quite large so it’s very much dependent on how many ferries you think you might use.

        I’m intending to investigate further as the bodo ferry to Lofoten is £63 so it might be with my while…..

        • Bumble Crew Post author

          Thanks for that info Sarah. The Norwegian couple seemed to think you could return the unused tolls card to an Esso service station and they would refund. If you find out any info at Bodo, please let us know.