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Norway has a number of road tolls, which are payable by all vehicles, national or international that use the toll road. As a rule of thumb, the tolls tend to be located in large cities. However, the majority of roads are toll free.

The Toll System: AutoPASS

Fully automated system with no booth collection points. Usually there is a road sign indicating you are approaching a toll system closely followed by an array of toll cameras and devices. These are usually fixed to a scaffolding structure that bridges the road.

Whether you have registered or not, you just drive through the toll stations in Norway as payment is collected automatically.

Sometimes we felt it was not always clear you are entering the toll system or you weren’t given enough notice to avoid. However, if we are honest that might be down to the fact we missed the signs because we were too busy admiring the gorgeous views.

How Do You Pay

As a tourist you have three options

  1. Pre register your vehicle and address
  2. Pre register your vehicle and credit card details
  3. Do nothing and be invoiced later

Whatever way you choose the price is exactly the same.

Pre Register

You can register your vehicle and address and elect to be invoiced after your journey (see invoice method, below)
Register your credit card and elect for prepayment tolls. At this point your card will be charged with NOK 1 to ensure the credit card is a valid.

Once you pass through your first toll system your card will be charged with a prepayment amount of NOK 300 (small car) and 1000 (large car). Each toll passing will thereafter be deducted from this prepayment.

Pre-register website 

You can get a refund of your unused money 85 days after your prepayment.

Invoice Method

If you pass without a tag, the registration plate is photographed, which is sometimes indicated by a flash from the camera. Your details are passed to a collection company in your country. Several weeks or even months after your journey an invoice will arrive. Invoices arrive on an individual toll basis rather than as a monthly or summary invoice.

Pay the invoice online by payment card or at a local bank.

Our 1st invoice arrived 8 weeks after we passed through the toll. Payment on-line was simple and quick.

For more help and information

The Norwegian Toll Website
Telephone +47 91 50 20 12

Collection company (UK)
Euro Parking Collection

Telephone 020 7288 9740

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Note: Prior to entering the country, we did not register our vehicle and credit card details. At the time we were a little unsure how it all worked. Also, at the same time the 3.5 ton system changed to include commercial vehicles only. Prior to this motorhomes above 3.5 tons were charged the higher rate. With all the changes we opted to find out more information before we registered.

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