Pampered Puppies

Thursday 14 January

Just before our breakfast we scoffed our worming tablet that should do us nicely until mid April.

Later that day we chilled on the stairs but dad is worried we will start to climb, so he then fitted a makeshift gate….party pooper. With no stairs to climb looks like we will have to climb on dad.

Dad's legs make good sleeping pillows.

Woof of the Week

Harness + Lead = walks…we get it, yeah!

No yellow snow. bro, it ain't cool.

No yellow snow. bro, it ain’t cool.

Friday 15 January

iTosh managed to walk along the main road without any issues. iMac walked along the main road but needed a lot of coaching and encouragement.

Saturday 16 January

Where did we put that bone?

Where did we put that bone?

It snowed and we loved it.  Great fun to bounce around in.

Sunday 17 January

Its been a couple of days since our worming table, so time for the other one.  Just before our breakfast we scoffed our tick and flee tablet that should do us nicely until mid April. These tablets look more like our biscuits and with no side effects we don’t mind um at all.

Monday 18 January

Sophie the nurse is lovely. I know we looked scared but that's just acting for the camera.

Sophie the nurse is lovely. I know we looked scared but that’s just acting for the camera.

We went back to that big vet building today but no jabs this time. Instead we met Sophie, a really nice and gentle nurse. She checked our weight and doggy details, so she could start our pet passport. iMac weigh 4.1kg and iTosh weigh 4.5kg. Mum asked Sophie to check out our scent glands and sure enough they were well blocked. iMac had a little blockage whilst iTosh was well bunged up.  We didn’t really like the ‘squeeze’ but we sure felt better without that smelly stuff blocking our bums.

Sophie also gave our mum loads of helpful hints and tips to keep us fit and well.

Tuesday 19 January

A bicycle ride to another park. iMac stayed with dad and squeaked at anything and everything. iTosh went with mum for a massive run around the park. It was fab and I just love to run, run and run.

We are now getting pretty good with the discipline thing, we can sit, touch, stay, leave, lie, shake a paw, roll over and high five.

Wednesday 20 January

So what’s life like then so far? Well it is pretty pawfect!  We get 3 meals per day and as much water as we can drink. Each week our parents check our food allowance and adjust if they think it is right. Today, we got another increase, so we now get 3 x 45g of food each.

We sleep through in the night and wake at around 7am for a pee and a pooch. We then get an individual walk and training time before we are reunited for some brother love and breakfast! The rest of the day day we spend playing and sleeping or going out to the park or nearby field.

Thursday 21 January

Mum’s been taking us on separate walks but today, we got to walk together. We went on to a big green field but iMac got scared and squeaked all the way around. iTosh just gave him morale support and bit his arse which didn’t impress him.

Woof of the Week

Training time + fun + tricks = treats, we get it.

Friday 22 January

Chad the Vet gives us treats.

Chad the Vet gives us treats.

We went back to the vets and this time we saw our favourite chap, Chad. He looked after and cared for our guardian angel, Peanut. He owns the vet practice and he is well cool. Chad gave us a full health check including heart, eyes, teeth, ears and the nearly dropped ‘balls’.  Apparently, he gave us the rabies jab but we never felt it because we were too busy munching on puppy treats.

Saturday 23 January

We went for our first big adventure in the motorhome. We went all the way to Rochdale to the Honda dealers, we think mum and dad are buying a motorbike. We found a pawfect spot right under the dining room seat. We were good as gold and stayed right on our blanket the whole time. In turn, mum and dad gave us loads of praise and cuddles.

Sunday 24 January

Today, we went on a mammoth ride in the motorhome all the way to Mansfield. We were really good but iTosh didn’t like the windy roads and he threw up. Mum told dad to slow down but not to worry, iMac helped him clean up but not sure mum approved.

We had a slight dilemma today because we couldn’t find some grass to pee and poop. We could only find the tarmac and it didn’t feel right but in the end we had no choice. It gets really confusing where we can do our business.

Monday 25 January

Our wild camping spot inside Vin the motorhome. Pretty cosy!

Mum and dad didn’t take us home last night they slept in the motorhome. Good job they’d packed our doggy blanket from home otherwise we’d be well scared. We also went for a big run in an enclosed field. Dad let us off the lead and mum had kittens! It was funny watching mum chase us around the field but mum didn’t find it funny. Dad pissed his sides.

Tuesday 26 January

This morning, mum shouted us over for our breakfast and she was well impressed with our table manners. For weeks she’s been teaching us to stop and sit at the kitchen door and wait until our dog bowls are on the floor before we tuck in. We know what to do but because we get so excited and so hungry we often forget to wait. Anyway, today we sat patiently until she said OK. I think she she wet herself with excitement.

Wednesday 27 January

We went for our morning walk and we got really scared by the rubbish collectors. The bins were rattling like crazy and it made us jump out of paws. We hid behind a bush until the coast was clear then off we trot. We turned the corner and beep beep beep, the blinking truck reversed towards us. Well we were off in a dash but iTosh stood my ground and out popped a bark. iMac looked at my bro in total confusion and then thought, I will give it a go and out popped a squeak. Next minute the rubbish truck was on its way…Mac n Tosh saved the day.

Thursday 28 January

Today, we had loads and loads of energy. We chased each other around the house grabbing each other paws, ears and tails.  We love chewing each other and seeing who can bite the hardest. Occasionally, we got to play outside in the garden and we went crazy, dive bombing the bushes and flinging ourselves at the tree. We played tag for hours until our little legs would run no more. Being twins is ace.

We also tried on our new high vis jacks. A bit big and not really our sort of thing but I guess they can see us in the dark.

Do the conga, Hiviz style.

Do the conga, Hiviz style.

Woof of the Week

Sit + Stay + Kitchen = Food, we get it

Friday 29 January

Our garden is ace and can’t understand why our parents keep bringing us inside when we love it so much outside. We get to dig, dig and dig some more. iTosh have nearly dug underneath the concrete posts and on my way to Australia. Plus rolling in mud is brilliant it gets in our ears, our paws, up our nose and all over our belly. We stink like proper doggies…and then walk all over daddy.

Play time with dad

Play time with dad

Saturday 30 January

This week, we’ve had a big growth splurge and all of a sudden we feel a lot longer! This was exaggerated when our little cousin arrived. Beau, a 12 week old mini dachshund is like us only younger and a lot lot smaller. He is well cute. After our initial meet, greet and sniff butts we settled in to a game of ‘chew the hind’.

Sunday 31 January

It rained all day and even the odd hail stone, so we couldn’t go out for our walk. We got bored and chewed anything and everything in sight. iTosh learnt how jump on to the sofa but iMac can’t seem to get the knack. Mum & dad sit on the sofa all the time but don’t understand why we can’t.

Monday 1 February


So excited, our welly bobs arrived!  No cold paws or us but mum says we have to save them for the snowflake weather.

Tuesday 2 February

Come on Tosh, supplies have arrived let’s scoff.

2016-02-01 at 09-17-48-dogs dogs

Wednesday 3 February

It rained all day, so no puppy potters to the park but we did get to mooch in the garden.  We found loads of tasty snails but mum wouldn’t let us eat them.

Thursday 4 February

Its granddad’s birthday today…in dog years he is 602 wow, that’s one owd dawg.

Friday 5 February

Excited today, we got to check out our new black rolled leather collar and microchip ID tag.

Saturday 6 February

Our little cousin Beau came round for playtime. Great fun

Sunday 7 February

What happened to a quiet walk in the park? Today, we went to our favourite park and it was crowded with people and pets. Not sure we like crowds.

Monday 8 February

We got our first invite to a puppy party at Vetcare. Excited or what!

Tuesday 9 February

We met loads of doggies today but Boston the golden lab was our favourite.

Wednesday 10 February

Our s Beau came down today and he went on his first walk.  He struggled a bit being a newbie but we showed him all the tricks…like you do.

2016-02-01 at 16-31-35-dogs dogs

Thursday 11 February

iMac pooped a rice cake this morning and gave mum a heart attack!  To cut a long story short, I found a blob of polystyrene, it hid behind the tree and chewed it up in to tiny morsels. Wonder if I will ever learn?

Woof of the Week

Sit + Stay + kirb + wait until mum shouts ‘let’s go’ = we get it!

Friday 12 February

2016-03-05 at 16-39-43-dogsiTosh lost my first tooth today. Not sure if it dropped out of if Beau knocked it out. Our little cousin looks cute and cuddly but by gosh he can’t have strike a good punch.

Saturday 13 February

Back in the motorhome but today, it was damn cold,so we snuggled up in our blanket.

Sunday 14 February

Happy valentine’s day, puppy love.

Monday 15 February

Puppy party time at our Vets. We got to meet loads of puppies although we weren’t too fussed about playing, it was better to eat all the treats and hide under the chair.

2016-02-15 at 16-38-16-dogs

Tuesday 16 February

Our passports arrived, yeah!  Now we can leave the country and head off to pastures new…whey hey!

Wednesday 17 February

Oh blinking ek our mum went and got a job that means no more updates for a while until she’s gets her life back to normal.  But she had a good chat with us today and we understand that it puts pennies in the bank, so we can travel for longer.  We are not delaying our trip, it just means mum will work and dad will finish all the jobs on the motorhome as well as finish the website….so on that note folks no more daily updates for a while but don’t worry…we will be back real soon with some hot to trot doggy tips on how to get ready for the adventure!

2016-02-13 at 15-48-54 dogs

Thanks for staying tuned and hope you’ve enjoyed sharing our story as we joined our new forever ‘pawfect’ family x x x

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