Probably the Best Palm Trees in Denmark

We opened the blinds to be greeted by half a dozen very large hares. Twitching their nose, fluttering their bob tail and thoroughly enjoying a refreshing drink of morning dew from the long grass. We waited until they were all done before letting Mac n Tosh out otherwise we would have hare raising moment!

Voergard Palace

Voergard Palace

For some strange reason we seem to have made quite a bit of washing and as we are off out for the day we thought lets put on a wash and leave to soak. So we did! Then hoped on the motorbike and zoomed down the road to Voergard Slot, a Renaissance castle, which is regarded as one of Denmark’s most stylish buildings. Well it certainly looked rather grand and elegant as we walked down the long gravel path.

Over the drawbridge and then up small steps to the entrance. A little notice asks you to ring the doorbell. Oooeer, not sure we’ve had the pleasure of ringing a palace doorbell before. Within a few minutes the door opened and the caretaker invited us in. She was really intrigued as to why we were visiting the palace…only Danish people visit! We threw her in a bit of a spin but eventually she took our DKK100 entrance fee a handed us a English guide book. Then without further ado she whisked us up the stairs to the music room to join a dozen or so other people. The palace only permits guided tours which are all presented in Danish. The guides are also the caretakers. Fortunately, our guide was rather good and at the end of each room she would give a little summary in English but no photos allowed, sorry folks. The palace dated back to 1600’s and originally intended originally for the royal castle of Fredensborg. The estate was part of a religious complex, but following the Reformation it passed into private hands. The tour included the opulent dining room, bedrooms, chapel, grand hall, tower, formal reception and many more rooms all showing an array of paintings, tapestries and antiques. Each room showing the original furniture, family letters and porcelain, which included a dinner set made for Napoleon I. In the haunted tower, the caretaker showed us the blood stained floor from when they murdered the pregnant daughter. Now the ghost of the daughter is often seen roaming the palace after midnight.

2016-05-05 at 16-20-06-SaebyBack in Vin and we hung the clothes to dry and thankfully they were dry within an hour. Just enough time for us to have a bite to eat, wash the brompton, scrub the bugs from the windscreen and play ball with Mac n Tosh. Don’t you just love it when it doesn’t rain!

By early afternoon we had packed up and headed a few kilometres to the coast. We stopped to stretch our legs at the village of Saeby, a retirement resort with plenty small houses and residential care blocks. No pushbikes here just plenty buggies. However, the marina, beach and village make for a lovely little walk.

The town church stands rather proud in the centre and once formed part of a 15th- century Carmelite monastery. Inside the bright frescoes make the church rather appealing. Next to the church is the grave of Peter Jakob Larssøn, a 19th-century buccaneer who went on to become Sæby’s mayor.

We've ditched the batteries and gone for a mobile wind turbine.

We’ve ditched the batteries and gone for a mobile wind turbine.

Parking at the marina was free until 10pm and then DKK150 (£15) fee for overnight parking, which seemed rather expensive for a car park. We up and coasted down to the next coastal town. Just outside Frederikshavn another small fishing village and once again, DKK150 for the night. We bumbled along and then we noticed Stena ferry terminal. We pulled in with the intention of walking over to the ticket office and booking the ferry (for next week) to Sweden but someone pinched the ticket office. We drove around and around but could not find it, so we moved on. Maybe it is shut today, after all it is a bank holiday here and the ferry terminal is more like a ghost town. We pulled in just after the docks and behind the industrial zone and found a really nice beach spot.

Beach Cannon

Beach Cannon

You just had to make sure you looked out to sea and not behind to the steel containers! Rather than drive around to find a better spot, we got out the brompton’s and went for a cycle. The coastline was stunning and not what we expected. A nice boardwalk with little wooden bridges over the inlets leading on to the beach. Wading birds were having a jolly good feast on the rich sand banks as the early evening tide slowly receded.

Gulls squawked and dive bombed the ebbing tide. Then in the middle of nowhere we came across two cannons placed on a grass mound surrounded by a little moat. As we went a little further we spotted a little slice of beach heaven and with that we shot back to Vin. Quicker than you can say Jack Flash we were parking up facing the beach.

With a reasonable wifi connection, I logged on and booked our ferry to Gothenburg for Monday evening. A fair price at £69 for 2 adult, 2 dogs and a motorhome. I also took the opportunity to load our caxton card with a some Swedish Krona in readiness for our arrival.

As we prepared to take Mac n Tosh out for a run on the beach we noticed two bare bums. Out from behind the sand dunes a young Danish couple merrily scurried in to the sea for an evening skinny dip. Jeez they are brave that water is blinking freezing. We took the boys for a long walk passing the palm trees and on to a tiny little marina. You know, this little section of coastline is beautiful.

As we headed back the sun disappeared behind the horizon and out came the beautiful orange and red glow from the fading sun.

Our sleep spot tonight, a brilliant wild camping spot situated right on the beach. If you plonk your feet on the dash, your toes act as a spotting guide for the islands of Graesholm and Hirsholm.

GPS position N057.459608 E010.538977

Route: Flauenskjold to Frederkshavn

Weather, low 3 high 20. Loving the weather with non stop sunshine from 6am until about 11pm.

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