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Peanut the great adventurer is sadly missed.

Peanut the great adventurer is sadly missed

Peanut’s valediction…

Hello everyone my name is Peanut. My mum and dad took me to some lovely places before I made my way to rainbow but I now have to look over their two new dachshunds, Mac n Tosh. I have put together a load of my favourite pictures whilst we travelled around Europe, hope you like them.


To my mum…

I know you miss me a lot mum and I miss you too, but please don’t worry, I’m now in doggy heaven which means endless squeaky toys, yogurt and ice cream. The massage and cuddle service isn’t up to scratch tho’. I love you loads but please don’t cry any more. Help me look after the “new boys” and I will be a Super Happy Peanut. You’re the best mum any dude could ask for.

To my dad…

hey dude, I miss that flick on the nose and that sneaky morning cuddle. You were a cool dad and I miss giving you big kisses, pinching your cheese and winding you up with my squeaky toys. I just want to say thank you for finding the best bicycle bag in the world, it meant that when I was blind I could still go with you and mum everywhere and fill my snout with wonderful smell


Two awake, sort of.

Two awake, sort of.

Mac n Tosh

We (Mac n Tosh) are very lucky to have an awesome guardian angel called Peanut. Peanut was a miniature dachshund like us and he lived with our parents for 15 years before he sadly passed away and crossed Rainbow Bridge. Peanut went travelling in the motorhome on the first adventure in 2014 and on then on the second adventure until he sadly passed away in June. If you look at some of the older posts you will see the handsome dude albeit in his latter years he was a little grey, chubby (Cushing’s disease) and blind. He too loved to travel in the motorhome but now he protects and guards us along our doggy travel adventure.

Rainbow Bridge

For anyone wondering about Rainbow Bridge, it is the place where I am waiting to be reunited with my mummy & daddy.  A lush green meadow located just “this side of Heaven” were I am restored to perfect health and free of any injuries. I run and play all day with the others dudes, there is always fresh food and water, and the sun is always shining. I just miss my mummy & daddy and long for the day when I leap back in to their arms.

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9 thoughts on “Our Guardian Angel in Rainbow Bridge

  • robyn

    Lovely ….. what a great tribute to Peanut. We lost our ‘puppy’ a little over a year ago and miss him so much. But, we know one day we will get ourselves a new addition or two to the family and in the meantime covet other people’s dogs and doggy lives xxxx

  • Roberto

    That was very nice,it’s lovely that you haven’t forgot peanut ,but like Everthing else,life must go on ,and as you say Peanut is Mac n Toshes guardian angel now and they couldn’t have a better one ,Many a day I think about Sable ,the Alsation Dog we had when you were kiddies & it nipped Frank Alders nose ,That was guarding you ,some dog that was ,it was a dog I got from the Blind Centre in Bolton ,it didn’t pass it’s exam ,it never let me down ,it was an Exellent Pet ,When Mac nTosh return home from their wonderfull adventure ,I’ll have a Doggy Bag waiting for them ,keep on enjoying luv as always DADxxx Mac nTosh xxx

  • Daal

    so sorry for your loss – thanks for sharing him with us – do you know of the ‘Dog Whisperer’? he is a very popular TV dog trainer here in US – he says happiest dogs are the ones who belong to homeless, or in your case nomads, as they get to be with their ‘pack’ all the time & they get lots of exercise, lots of outdoors. Peanut had it good – thanks for visiting my blog so I could find your joy filled one – best to you all 🙂