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Up and off to another wonderful city, Sibiu…sorry again for all the photos (click to enlarge).

Half way through our journey and we stop for a brew. Would you believe what happened next? A blinking cattle truck pulled up and parked along side. Leaving 6 inches between our door and container full of dolly the bloody sheep and mad cows. Charming. Dripping in sheep poop and cow dung it bloody stunk and within minutes we were bombarded with flies. The sheep barred at Mac n Tosh. Mac n Tosh barked and howled at the cows. The cows kicked off and went crazy ramming the railings spraying even more smelly stuff everywhere. Craig yelled at the dogs, I squatted the flies. It was not a pretty or quiet scene and certainly not ‘oh lets have a nice coffee and cake moment’ that we planned for.

In Sibiu, Craig did his thing and pretended Vin was a matchbox toy and took us through tiny lanes not fit for motorhomes. But granted, he found us a parking spot right in the middle of the city.

Sibiu is the city Romanians are most proud of. Its architectural harmony is apt to prompt profound reactions, as it feels more quaint yet cosmopolitan than most other Eastern European cities. We strolled down the cobbled streets and alleys to find tiny houses painted in red, blue, pink, green or any vibrant colour.

We turn to the 1 of the 3 main squares and life picks up a notch. The façade of the Brukenthal Palace and the endless towers and passageways are beautiful. Churches from an array of religions and some dating back to 1100’s, their foundations laid at the time when the city was the main trading hub for Transylvanian Saxons.

People queue for ice cream whilst others sip espresso whether it be in the square, the alley or behind the cafe bar shutter window. Some even opt for a blood thirsty tattoo. Courtyards with fountains to concrete apartment blocks in the distance. We pass squares where locals chomp on kebabs, sip espresso at a chic bar or queue for ice cream at little kiosks.

Crowds stroll beneath the wrought-iron lampposts of the walled city. Built after the Tatars demolished the town in 1241. It is hard to appreciate that Sibiu habit of getting destroyed was matched only by its habit for rebuilding itself – with better trade links and more successful than before.

Inside the Orthodox Church

Our Bumble Verdict: Sibiu just simply amazing.

A quick drive to our final spot for tonight, Cirta. Where we pulled up on a campsite and flopped. It feels like we have done so much in such a short space of time. Knackered. We need to chill.

Our motorhome sleepy spot: Cirta, brilliant campsite owned by Dutch couple. More info to follow tomorrow, night folks x x x

Paid Camping GPS position Cirta N046.223037, E024.796466

Route: Sighişoara to Cirta

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  • Robert Ellis

    Watch out for ticks& fleas they can easily jump on you plus Mac n Tosh this is were mange comes from ,then u will kneed Tetinus jab be careful

  • Robert Ellis

    I posted something else on this last night ,obvious it’s not come though ,& I was good never mentioned any Race or Creed ,I don’t want anybody falling out with you & Craig over something I’ve said ,At the end of what I’d written ,I said Don’t show your hand to a dog the way you did ,always Use The Back Of Your Hand it can’t bite the same like that also never run away ,if it’s going to bite ,try & rap it on the nose as hard as you can ,it will bring tears to it eyes ,If you run away ,it will keep on biting ,but if you face it & challenge it you’ve a chance it will back off,Well until next time luv keep on enjoying loads of luv DADxxx not forgetting Mac n Tosh xxx