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Today, our journey takes us along route 63 from Geiranger to Andalsnes often referred to as Norway’s Golden Drive. Our first challenge, Eagles Road which winds all the way up from the fjord to provide excellent views of the Geiranger and its ink blue waters. Along the way we joined hundreds of tourists all clicking away to get a great photo of the cruise ship docked besides gushing waterfalls (click the photo to make it bigger).

Within a half an hour we were catching a 15 minute ferry (213NOK) to Linde. Then lunch on the waterfront before we back on the road. Soon the green fields become sparse and scattered and eventually disappear all together. The mountains close in, steep slopes and jagged summits rise above us. The landscape is one of grey rock and debris dotted with patches of snow. All very different to the lush fjord.

We arrived at Trollveggan and initial impression, what an eye sore. The concrete centre from the car park side does absolutely nothing to complement the surrounding.  It is horrid. Hundreds of Japanese tourists all taking picture of the huge grey mastiff. We both looked at each other “is that it?”. We were a little unsure as to what Trollveggan looked like. We opted to take a walk and thank god we did. As you walk through the concrete centre you join a structured pathway. Along the way there are several viewing platforms all of which allow you to suspend yourself several thousand feet above the valley. It is both exhilarating and fascinating at the same time. The Trollveggan (troll wall) is the highest vertical wall in Europe at 3000 feet and it is amazing. The sheer drops with waterfalls shooting out of tiny cracks makes for one hell of a view.

Now for the final jaunt of the drive, the Trollstigen road down to Andalsnes. Craig fancied a bit of a testosterone rush and went for a quick spin on the motorbike before taking Vin down. The Trollstigen is not for the faint hearted, it is an unfenced single track road that looks like its a piece of black hemming tape stitched in to the side of a rock face. With 11 bends and a couple that require long vehicles to shuffle back and forth to get around, the road winds up the side of Stigrora mountain. You are OK as long as you don’t come head to head with a coach conga then you are snookered!

Trollstigen rises up to Stigrora point

Trollstigen rises up to Stigrora point

Once one the valley floor we headed over the Andalsnes only to discover one of the bridges were closed for repairs. We had to double back another 10 kilometres but it was worth it because we topped up with LPG at the shell station. Then we nipped in a Rema 1000 supermarket to stock up the cupboards but Craig wasn’t feeling the connection. The prices were doing his head in. Everything he wanted was too expensive and he could not bring himself to buy it. Personally, I feel it is what it is and if you want it, get it. We cant change it and no point moaning about it. We purchased a few items from Rema and then nipped over to the Kiwi store. Thankfully, his mood mellowed and we managed to stock up the freezer and the cupboards.

We didn't see one

We didn’t see one

Our sleep spot tonight..a dedicated motorhome parking for Trolls x x x

GPS position N062.566448 and E007.693343

Route: Geiranger to Andalsnes

Weather: Low 10 and high 23…sunshine with odd scattering of cloud.

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